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PEACH Cross Cut PS500-46

€70.97 without VAT

PEACH Cross Cut PS500-46

The PEACH Cross Cut PS500-46 paper shredder with a cross-cut has a shredding capacity of up to 10 sheets. The shredder has a classification level of P-4 and can shred particularly sensitive household and company data. You don't have to worry about removing all the paper staples, since the shredder can handle them. The shredded paper lands in the paper bin that has the size of 15 l. There is also a reverse function in the case of paper jams.

PEACH Cross Cut PS500-46 Shredder Key Features

  • The paper is shredded into cross-cut fragments
  • Classification level of P-4 – fragments up to 160mm²
  • Material it can shred: Clamps and clips
  • Shredding capcity up to 10 sheets
  • The bin size is 15 l

PEACH Cross Cut PS500-46 Shredder Additional Accessories

In order to make working easier, the shredder is equipped with additional functions.



Cutting type Cross section


Bin volume 15 l
Shredded material Clamps and clips


Gear Reverse gear


Type Automatic
Code:  PX211x5
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PS500-46
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