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PATONA for ntb Asus A32-K52 4400mAh Li-Ion 10.8V

€34.22 without VAT

PATONA for ntb Asus A32-K52 4400mAh Li-Ion 10.8V

Is the capacity of your notebook battery not good enough and it is almost impossible to work without being connected to mains? Do you want a new one, but is the original replacement too expensive for you? We have a solution for you. Patona quality batteries will replace the original battery. In addition, you do not have to worry, these products are very high-quality and have, for example, integrated overload and overcharge protection.

Key features of the PATONA replacement battery

  • Designed for selected Asus notebook models
  • High-quality particles
  • Overload and overcharge protection
  • Fully replaces the original

Compatible laptops:
Asus A40 Series, A42 Series, A52 Series, A62 Series, B53 Series, F85 Series, F86 Series, K42 Series, K52 Series, K62 Series, N82 Series, P42 Series, P52 Series, P62 Series, P82 Series, Pro5I Series, Pro51 Series, Pro7 Series, X8 Series, X5 Series, X5 Series, X7 Series, X8 Series

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Capacity 4,400 mAh
Intensity 10.8 V
Article type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Original/alternative Alternative

Laptop brand

Laptop brand ASUS
Laptop model A40, A42, A52, A62, B53, F85, F86, K42, K52, K62, N82, P42, P52, P62, P82, PRO8C, PRO67, PRO5I, X5I, X8C, X42, X52, X67
Code:  PAT232
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PT2175
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