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PanzerGlass Premium Privacy for Apple iPhone X black

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PanzerGlass Premium Privacy for Apple iPhone X black

The PanzerGlass Premium Privacy protective glass for Apple iPhone X prevents your smartphone from suffering damage from scratches and bumps, while at the same time fully retaining the touchscreen's sensitivity. The PanzerGlass screen protector is easy to apply without leaving unsightly air bubbles, and its oleophobic layer ensures that the glass remains free from fingerprints. The glass also features a black-tinted privacy filter, which prevents the people around you from being able to read the content on your display. Thanks to the protective layer's low thickness of only 0.4mm, the appearance of your phone will not be affected. 

Key Properties of the PanzerGlass Protective Glass for the Apple iPhone X Mobile Phone

  • Prevents your Apple iPhone X smartphone's screen from getting scratched or cracked
  • PanzerGlass is easy to apply and does not leave air bubbles
  • The touchscreen's sensitivity remains unaffected after application
  • The protective glass has a privacy filter that protects your content

A Hardness of 9H for Reliable Protection

The PanzerGlass screen protector is made of chemically reinforced grade 9H glass, which maintains perfect picture clarity while effectively protecting your smartphone's screen from cracks and scratches. Large impacts or falls from great heights may cause the glass to break. However, the protective film prevents the glass from ever shattering.

PanzerGlass is Easy to Apply and Does Not Leave Air Bubbles

Since we are dealing with a premium glass protective layer and not just an ordinary protective film, its application produces only a minimum amount of air bubbles. These bubbles can then be easily removed with the use of a microfibre cloth and the application of adequate pressure, pushing the bubbles towards the edges of the screen.

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Brand/model of mobile phone

Telephone brand Apple
Model of mobile phone iPhone X, iPhone XS


Glass thickness 0.4 mm
Hardness 9H
Code:  PNZG131
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  P2623
Links: Manufacturer's Website: