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Panasonic TY-ER3D6ME

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Panasonic TY-ER3D6ME

Quality 3D active glasses from the renowned company Panasonic. Thanks to their ergonomic shape they will fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. In addition, you do not have to take off your diopter glasses. So you can fully enjoy the three-dimensional image. Since it is the active type, you can communicate with the TV via Bluetooth up to a distance of 4.5m. They are designed for Panasonic TV models from 2012 and later.

Key features

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Signal transmission via Bluetooth up to 4.5 meters
  • Lightweight
  • Battery life up to six months in normal use

List of compatible Panasonic TVs:

  • Older models: AX800, AX630, AS640, WT50, DT50
  • Models 2015: AX900, CX800, CX700, CR850, CR730, CR430 CS630, CX400
  • Models 2016: DX900, DX800, DX780, DX750, DS630
  • Plasma 3D TVs: ZT60, VT60, ST60, ST50, GT50, GT60, XT50, UT50

27 grams

Battery Type:
CR2025 button cell

Code:  WY460m8
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  TY-ER3D6ME
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