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Panasonic ES-RT67-S503

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Panasonic ES-RT67-S503

3-blade Cutting System for an Immaculate and Fast Shave

The three blades cut the beard very close to the skin. As a result, you can count on a smooth face. Said blades with two different functions ensure a fast and thorough shave. Contributing to this are also accurate 30° nano-polished inner blades.

New Slide-up Trimmer with Sharp 45° Blades

Extremely useful when it comes to detailed adjustments to the mustache and sideburns. The precise 45° blades guarantee a quick and comfortable trim.

Flexible Pivoting Head

The flexible pivoting head copies the shape of the face, which allows you to shave quickly and effortlessly.

Multi-fit Arc Blades

The multi-fit arc blades ensure a close fit between the shaver and the skin even under the chin. This means a perfect shave of the entire surface.

Namokro nebo nasucho, s použitím pěny

Dry or Wet Using Shaving Foam

Enjoy the comfort of shaving dry or use a foam or gel for a silky smooth shave.



The water-resistant design allows you to clean the razor simply by rinsing it with tap water.

* Before washing, remove the outer blades and switch the shaver to Vibrate.

Prémiové kovové provedení

Premium Metal Design

A premium model with a rounded shape and a high-quality metallic surface.

5fázový indikátor LED

5-phase LED Indicator

The 5-phase LED indicator shows the battery status, so you know when charging is needed and when it has been completed.

Key Features

Water-resistant and fully washable
Shaving wet or dry, depending on your preference
3-blade system with nano-polished inner blades
Flexible pivoting head for a close fit between the shaver and the skin
5-phase LED display

Ni-MH battery with a charge time of 1 hr
Battery life 54 min
Universal voltage (100-240V)
Includes a shaver, charger and brush

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Usage For men

Power supply

Power Accumulator
Operating time 54 min
Charging time 1 hr(s)

Shaving mechanism

Shaving mechanism Planetary

Functions and features

Function Wet shaving, Water resistance, Washability, Trimmer, LED Charging Indicator
Number of attachments 1mm bit , 2,5 , 4mm bit , 5,5 , 7mm bit

Suitable for

Suitable for Wet Shaving


Usage method Regular usage
Code:  EAV2334j
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ES-RT67-S503
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