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Panasonic Eneloop AAA 750mAh 2pcs

€6.12 without VAT

Panasonic Eneloop AAA 750mAh 2pcs

These unique rechargeable batteries with eliminated self-discharge effect boast the ability to retain up to 70% of their original capacity even after being idle for five years. The batteries are ideal for powering demanding devices such as external flashes, or LED video lights. With Eneloop batteries, you can increase the number of flashes or the lighting time. The batteries also excel in extreme conditions and maintain their performance even at very low temperatures (down to -20°C).

Key Features:

  • Will retain up to 70% of capacity even after five years of storage
  • Almost no self-discharge
  • Capacity of 750mAh
  • High performance
  • Without memory effect
  • Battery can be fully charged even when only partially discharged
  • 2100 recharge cycles - more than conventional batteries
  • Usable under extreme conditions (down to -20°C)
  • 2 batteries in the package
  • Pre-charged by the manufacturer - immediately ready for use
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Capacity 750 mAh
Intensity 1.2 V
Article type Nickel–metal hydride (NiMH)
Number of charging cycles 2,100 ×


Battery size Mikrotužková (AAA)
Battery type Charging

Package contents

Number of batteries included 2 piece(s)
Code:  HM065d7k
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  HR-4UTGB-2BP
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