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Optoma EH334

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Optoma EH334

The Optoma EH334 delivers Full 3D projection, native resolution, a wide image and boasts a superb 3600 ANSI lumens brightness output. If you don't need such a high brightness level, you have the option to save a lot of energy and replace the lamp with a special module, which will allow the life of the lamp will grow by up to 15,000 hrs. The colour palette has over 1 billion colours. Optimise and fine-tune colour brightness within a sRGB colour space, using Amazing Color technology. The manufacturer even guarantees that the colour quality will remain for up to 5 years.

Optoma EH334

Optoma EH334

Key Features

  • Powerful and economical operation (up to 15,000 hrs)
  • Full HD resolution (16:9)
  • Over 1 billion colours in the colour palette
  • A high contrast scale of 20,000:1
  • Attractive, Full 3D projection
  • HDMI connector (1 × MHL) and analogue connectors
  • 10W speaker
  • A wireless streaming module (HDCast Pro) can be purchased

Optoma EH334

Perfect Colours

Watch movies, play games and enjoy a full-colour, premium quality image. The Optoma EH334 delivers great performance at all times. It uses Rec.709 for accurate colour reproduction.

Optoma EH334

Full HD resolution

The Optoma EH334 with Full HD resolution will allow you to enjoy a sharp picture, which is full of detail. While a film, series, or any other content is playing, there is no image compression, so the quality remains unchanged.

A High Contrast Image

Enjoy a more sophisticated image, with an emphasis placed on black and white - that's another of the strengths of the Optoma EH334. High contrast is hugely important in terms of the overall quality of the final image - check out the difference for yourself!

Optoma EH334

Even 3D Content is not a Challenge for the Optoma EH334

Do you want to enjoy the full 3D experience? Even this will not be a problem with the Optoma EH334. The source can be anything - from 3D Blu-Ray players to the latest generation of game consoles.

Optoma EH334

Powerful Speakers

Sound quality has a huge part to play in creating the perfect filmatic experience. In this respect, the Optoma EH334 will not disappoint. It uses a powerful speaker, that offers performance comparable to an external loudspeaker.

Optoma EH334


This projector boasts high contrast, a long lamp life and special features to reduce overall power consumption. All of this means that the Optoma EH334 projector has an eco+ rating.

Low Consumption & Quick Awakening

The Optoma EH334 uses a variety of operating modes to reduce overall power consumption by as much as 70%. With Quick Resume, you will be able to wake the projector up in no time at all once it has been in sleep mode. There is also an Auto Power Off function.

Optoma EH334

Automatic Shutdown

You don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the Optoma EH334 projector. The handy Auto Power Off feature will turn the projector off after several minutes of inactivity.

Eco AV Mute

With this feature, you will be able to reduce the intensity of the image, so you can regain your audience's attention during a presentation. This is another add-on that greatly reduces the projector's total consumption.

Optoma EH334

Use the battery to Charge Other Devices

The USB-A port can also be used to power external HDMI devices - such as a Chromecast Mini PC.

Optoma EH334

The Optoma WU334 is Compatible with Tablets and Smartphones

You will also be able to connect your smartphone or tablet to the Optoma EH334, with the help of MHL. All data stored on mobile devices can be displayed on the big screen.

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Projection screens

Projection distance 1 - 1.99 m , 2 - 2.99 m, 3 - 3.99 m , 4 - 4.99 m , 5 m and more
Minimum throw distance 1 m
Maximum throw distance 9.8 m
Minimum picture size 71 cm (27.95 ")
Maximum picture size 765 cm (301.18 ")


Natural Resolution 1920 × 1080 px
Aspect ratio 16:9


Technology DLP
Lighting Halogen


Graphics inputs HDMI, VGA (D-SUB) , Composite
Other inputs/outputs USB, Audio output jack, Audio input jack

Equipment and features

Function Zoom, 3D
Equipment Speakers, Remote control

Projector features

Location On the ceiling, Table
Noise 27 dB
Weight 2.91 kg
Maximum power consumption 295 W
Contrast 20,000:1

Lamp features

Luminance 3,600 lm
Lamp life 3,500 hr(s) (145.83 d)
Lamp life in ECO 10,000 hr(s) (416.67 d)
Lamp performance 240 W


Width 31.6 cm
Height 10.8 cm
Depth 24.4 cm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  WY012f
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  E1P1A0NWE1Z1