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OMRON M6 AC with power supply

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OMRON M6 AC with power supply

OMRON M6 AC is an advanced pressure gauge with a power supply placed directly on the arm. In addition, the device has a universal cuff with a circumference 22-42cm, so it fits all people. In addition to the measured pressure it also takes the pulse, the measured values can also be stored for later evaluation.
In addition to the classic, easily readable 3 line display, the device also has coloured indicators that help you, for example, with the correct tightening of the cuff or measurement errors. It can also give an alert if you have potential cardiac arrhythmia. The pressure gauge is powered by four alkaline AAA batteries which are, due to the new processing method, capable of handling of up to 1000 measurements.












Colourful Lights

Do you worry that it will be difficult to make sense of the complex indicators on the tonometer? Omron M6 AC solves this problem with the help of a colour indicator beside the display, which lights up in orange whenever any of your readings is higher.

The symbols next to the display not only indicate a higher pressure, but also other data, such as poor tightening of the cuff or incorrect movements during measurement.

Simple Handling

Omron M6 AC is equipped with an extended EASY cuff with simple tightening, so you can handle the device by yourself without any problems.

Despite this, the certainty of a proper fit is confirmed when the OK icon beside the display lights up in green. When the unit is tight enough and everything is in the right place, it is also confirmed by the green light.

Suitable for Families

Get a complete overview of their pressure. No need to write down the results, Omron does that for you. Just put it on, measure the pressure and the rest will take care of itself.

Omron tonometer can memorize up to one hundred measurement results, including date and time, and this can be registered for two people. Thus, its memory retains 2x100 measurement results.

An Intelligent Assistant

The Omron blood pressure monitor is equipped with a large, clear three-line display for better orientation. It can prepare a graphic indicator of the level of blood pressure, and also manages to evaluate cardiac arrhythmia or morning hypertension. Higher blood pressure in the morning may, in fact, be a factor of cardiovascular risk.

In addition, the device can calculate your average blood pressure for your week, mornings and evenings.

Universal cuff 22-42cm
Colour indicator of hypertension
Colour indicator for correct cuff tightness
Checking of tightening of the cuff
Indication of improper movement during measurement
Evaluation of arrhythmia
Graphic display of blood pressure levels
Calculates average blood pressure values from measured values
Weekly, morning and evening averages of measured values
Early hypertension evaluation
Large, concise and readable 3-line display
Memory for two users - 2x100 measurements
Date and time
The life of new alkaline batteries is up to 1000 measurements
CE 0197
Classification according to European directive for therapeutic devices 93/42/EEC - Class II A
Clinically proven accuracy
Measuring range:
Blood pressure 0-299mmHg
Pulse 40 to 180/min.
Blood Pressure: -3mmHg
Pulse: - 5% of measured value
Device without batteries 380g
Cuffs 170g
Device dimensions:
124x161x90mm (WxHxD)
Package contains:
Pressure Monitor
Universal cuff
Omron AC adapter
4x AAA alkaline batteries
Travel case
Complete instructions (GB) - approved by OMRON Healthcare Europe
CELIMED blue warranty card


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Type On arm
Cuff for mac. circuit 42 cm
Accuracy of pulse measurement 5 %
Accuracy of pressure measurement 3 mmHg


Function Arrhythmia detection, Memory, Average pressure, Graphical pressure representation
Code:  EOM100e
Warranty: 12 months
Extended Warranty: +48 months
Product Number:  4015672108332
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