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OMRON M6 Comfort with Intelli cuff

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OMRON M6 Comfort with Intelli cuff

The OMRON M6 Comfort is an advanced blood pressure monitor that has a 360° measurement zone around the arm. In addition, the included Intelli Wrap Cuff offers a versatile 22-42cm length, so it's useful for everyone. In addition to blood pressure, it also measures heart rate, and the measured values can be saved for later evaluation.

In addition to a classical, easy-to-read 3-line display, the device has colour indicators to help you tighten the cuff properly, and display symbols for errors in measurement and cardiac arrhythmia detection. It uses 4 alkaline AAA batteries that can handle up to 1000 measurements thanks to the new more efficient processing.

Colour indicators

Are you afraid that it will be difficult to understand the indicators of this blood pressure monitor? The Omron M6 Comfort solves this problem with the help of the colour indicator on the display, which lights orange when any of your blood pressure measurement values are above the standard range.

The illuminated symbols on the display not only indicate high pressure values, but also other details such as poor tightening of the cuff or errors in taking the measurement.

You do not need to be careful as you put on the circular cuff because the Intelli Wrap Cuff technology ensures accurate measurement, in any position around the upper arm.



Intelligent assistant

This blood pressure monitor features a large, well-arranged 3-line display for better communication. It is able to display a graphical level of blood pressure, and can also evaluate heart arrhythmia or morning hypertension. Higher pressure values in the morning may be a factor in cardiovascular risk.

In addition, the device can calculate average blood pressure, even weekly, and in the morning and evening.


Accurate measurements

Do you have cardiac arrhythmias? No problem, because this blood pressure monitor detects irregular heartbeats. It increases measurement accuracy by measuring twice, once in inflating and the second time when blowing. Discover an extremely comfortable, fast and accurate blood pressure measurement with this blood pressure monitor.


Also suitable for families

Get an absolute overview of your blood pressure. No results need to be written anywhere, because this blood pressure monitor will save your results for you. Just put on the cuff, measure your blood pressure, and the rest will take care of itself. It can memorize up to 100 measurements, including date and time, for two people. Thus, it retains 2x 100 measurement results.

Parameters and Specifications:
Extended INTELLI Cuff Wrap 22-42cm
Colour hypertension indicator
Colourful cuff tightening indicator
Checks cuff tightening
Evaluate Inappropriate Motion Measurement
Arrhythmia Evaluation
Graphic Blood Pressure Indicator
Calculation of Mean Value of Measured Values
Weekly, Morning and Evening Means from Measured Values
Evaluate morning hypertension
Large, easy to read 3-line display
Memory for two users 2x 100 measurements
Date and time
Lifetime of new alkaline batteries up to 1000 measurements
CE 0197
Classification according to European Directive 93/42/EEC - Class II A
Clinically proven accuracy
Measurement range:
Blood pressure 0-299mmHg
Pulse 40-180/min.
Pulse 40-180/min.
Measurement accuracy:
Blood pressure/- 3mmHg
Pulse/- 5% of the measured value
Package contains:
Blood pressure monitor unit
4x AAA alkaline batteries
Travel case
Complete UK instructions-approved by OMRON Healthcare Europe
CELIMED blue warranty certificate

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Type On arm
Cuff for mac. circuit 42 cm
Accuracy of pulse measurement 5 %
Accuracy of pressure measurement 3 mmHg


Function Arrhythmia detection, Graphical pressure representation, Memory, Average pressure
Code:  EOM100f
Warranty: 12 months
Extended Warranty: +48 months
Product Number:  4015672108325
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