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OMRON M3 with a colour hypertension indicator + a power source

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OMRON M3 with a colour hypertension indicator + a power source

OMRON M3 is a blood pressure monitor with an arm cuff and many different features that make measuring your blood pressure easy and help you get a better overview of the status of your health. With the easy cuff, you will no longer struggle with its operation, plus it has a diameter of 22 - 42cm, so it is of a universal size that fits everyone.
It has an easy-to-read display with 3 lines and also uses colour indicators that tell you, for example, how to correctly tighten the cuff, it indicates faulty measuring and indicates the possibility of cardiac arrhythmia. It is equipped with a 2 x 60 memory spaces, 60 for each user, and a graphical indicator for average blood pressure readings.

Colour indicators

Are you concerned it might be difficult to make sense of the complex blood pressure monitor indicators? The Omron M6 AC solves this problem with the help of colour indicators next to the display that turn orange whenever any of the measured values are too high.

Checking the tightness

An "OK indicator" tells you if the cuff is correctly tightened, so you can always have absolute certainty that the measured results are accurate.

An intelligent assistant

The Omron blood pressure monitor is equipped with a loud, easy-to-read three-lined display for better orientation. Plus it measures the blood pressure twice - when inflating and deflating the cuff, which is why you can be always sure the results are perfectly accurate.

What's more, the device can calculate average blood pressure so it provides objective results even when blood pressure fluctuates.

Suitable for families

Get a perfect overview of your blood pressure. There's no need to write down the results either, as the monitor does it for you. Simply put it on to measure the pressure and it takes care of the rest itself.

The Omron blood pressure monitor is able to remember up to sixty measured results including the date and time and it can divide them between two people, keeping 2 x 60 measurements in its memory.

Parameters and Specifications:
An extended EASY cuff 22 - 42cm
A colour indicator of hypertension
A colour indicator of cuffs tightening
Checks the tightness of the cuff
Indicates improper movement during measurement
Indicates arrhythmia

A graphical indicator of the level of blood pressure
Calculates average BP from the measured values
A large, easy-to-read, 3-line display
Memory for two users, 2x 60 memory spaces
Date and time
The new alkaline batteries last up to 1000 measurements
CE 0197
Classification according to European directive for health. Device Directive 93/42/EEC - Class II A
Clinically proven accuracy
Blood pressure 0-299mmHg
Pulse 40-180/min
Measurement accuracy:
Blood Pressure /- 3 mmHg
Pulse/- 5% of reading

Device without batteries about 280g
Cuffs about 170g
123 x 158 x 85mm (W x D x H)
Package includes:
The device
an EASY cuff
4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Travel Case
Complete instructions approved by OMRON Healthcare Europe
A CELIMED blue warranty card

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Type On arm
Cuff for mac. circuit 42 cm
Accuracy of pulse measurement 5 %
Accuracy of pressure measurement 3 mmHg


Function Arrhythmia detection, Memory, Average pressure, Graphical pressure representation
Code:  EOM108d
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  8595145006458
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