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OMRON M3 IT with USB internet + source (Set)

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OMRON M3 IT with USB internet + source (Set)

The vision and missions of the Japanese company Omron is providing professional, easy to use home health care appliances. As the worlds leading manufacturer of blood pressure meters, Omron also offers world-class technology for other health and relaxation products for daily use. Intense research and continuous development guarantee an excellent solution for your daily health care in the home environment.

Tlakoměr OMRON M3 IT

Soft EASY cuff

Monitor your health

The OMRON M3 IT is a special arm gauge which, with its USB port, can export all measured results to a PC or notebook and work with them. In addition, you gain unlimited access to BI-Link Health Management, so you can access your results from anywhere.
The extended EASY cuff (22-42cm) with easy tightening fits well on each arm.

In addition to measuring the pressure, the device can also warn of possible cardiac arrhythmia, poorly tightened or fitted cuff, or inappropriate motion in the middle of the measurement. All due to the LEDs placed next to the large, easy-to-read display. It also has the ability to record up to 60 results for two users.

Parameters and Specifications:

Free access to BI-link Health Management
Extended EASY cuff 22-42cm
Colour hypertension indicator
Colour tightening cuff indicator
Tighten of the cuff
Evaluation of arrhythmia
Graphic indicator of blood pressure
Calculation of mean blood pressure
Large, easy to read and readable 3-line display
Memory for two users at 2x 60 measurements
Date and time
Lifetime of new alkaline batteries approx. 1000 measurements
Classification according to European Directive 93/42/EEC - Class II A
Clinically proven accuracy

Measuring range:
Blood pressure 0-299 mmHg
Pulse 40-180/min.

Measurement accuracy:
Blood pressure - 3mmHg
Pulse - 5% of the measured value

Apparatus without batteries 280g
Cuffs approx. 170g

Device size:
123 x 158 x 85mm (W x H x D)

Package contains:
EASY cuff (for the circumference of the arm 22-42cm)
Omron power supply
USB cable
4x alkaline AA batteries
Travel case
CELIMED blue warranty certificate

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Type On arm
Cuff for mac. circuit 42 cm
Accuracy of pulse measurement 5 %
Accuracy of pressure measurement 3 mmHg


Function Arrhythmia detection, Memory, Average pressure, Graphical pressure representation


Interface USB, WiFi
Code:  EOM201e
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  8595145020539
Links: Manufacturer's Website: