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Olympus WS-852 silver

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Olympus WS-852 silver

No more struggling through wordy meetings or forgetting your to-do list with the high quality Olympus WS-853 digital recorder. It is equipped with directional microphones that can easily cancel the sound of any low-frequency background noise such as air conditioning or other devices. The resulting recording will be crystal clear. The two 90° microphones record all the conversation, regardless of the speaker's location in the room. The Olympus WS-853 is intuitive. If the speaker is going to speak too loudly, the recording volume will automatically decrease, if the speaker speaks quietly, the volume will increase. This ensures convenient listening of your recordings.

Key features

  • 90° microphones for capturing sounds from all directions
  • The Noise Cancel function always ensures clear sound
  • Internal 4GB memory expandable by 32GB
  • The sliding USB connector ensures connection to the PC and data transfer
  • MP3 recording format
  • Weighing only 77g

Maximum capacity for your records

All recordings with a maximum length of 1040 hours are stored on internal 4GB memory, which can be expanded by a 32GB micro SDHC card. If you exhaust the storage space, just pull out the USB connector and archive all the records on your computer. You do not have to worry about whether your meeting is convenient. Olympus has improved the battery in the recorder, so you can enjoy hours and hours of recording without recharging.

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Storage capacity 4 GB
Memory Card Type Micro SDHC
Max. memory card size 32 GB
Recording format MP3
Function USB , VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
Recording modes SHQ , HQ , SP , LP
Connectors Jack (3.5mm), USB-A
Battery type 2x AAA
Max. Battery Life 110 hr(s)
Code:  OL607i
Warranty: 12 months
Extended Warranty: +18 months
Product Number:  V415121SE000
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