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NZXT H510 ELITE white

€129.60 without VAT

NZXT H510 ELITE white

The NZXT H510 ELITE white computer case with a Midi Tower format offers you an eye-catching design, which is led by its White colour scheme and rgb backlight. The mid tower is designed for the construction of decently equipped gaming PCs where there is a shortage of space for a full tower. Even though it is a smaller computer cabinet, it can accomodate many gaming or professional parts. A great advantage is the option of a solid removal of excess heat by using bigger heatsinks and fans, for which the case has plenty of space. The main control panel, where the control and connection of the peripherals is located, is on the top of the cabinet. You may place the atx motherboard type into the NZXT H510 ELITE white cabinet.

Key Features of the NZXT H510 ELITE white PC Case

  • The mid tower case is suitable for assembling powerful desktop PCs
  • It allows you to mount modern components with effective cooling
  • The NZXT H510 ELITE white contains 4 fan slots
  • 3 slots are already fitted with supplied fans
  • No power supply unit

NZXT H510 ELITE white PC Case Components

The case contains 3 3.5" HDD internal slots and 2 slots for 2.5" SSDs. All other parts can be installed on the motherboard. The PC control panel allows you to connect USB 3,0 (3,1 gen1), uSB-C, headphones and microphone. The power source is located at the bottom of the case, where it is not affected by higher temperatures.


Usage and size

Size Midi Tower


Colour White

Internal structure

Motherboard form factor ATX
Internal 5.25" slot number
Number of internal 3.5" slots
Number of internal 2.5" slots
Position of power sources Dole

External structure

External 5.25" position
External 3.5" position
Front panel location Seshora
Front panel connectors USB 3.0 (3.1 gen1), USB-C, Headphones, Microphone
Sidewalls Transparent


Power supply Without power supply

Cooling system

Front fan size 140 × 140 mm
Rear fan size 120 × 120 mm
Number of fan positions
Number of mounted ventilators


Backlight colour RGB


Width 210 mm (21 cm)
Height 460 mm (46 cm)
Depth 428 mm (42.8 cm)
Weight 7.5 kg
Code:  cb1476a14
Product Number:  CA-H510E-W1
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