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Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con Variety Kit for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con Variety Kit for Nintendo Switch

As always, Nintendo took a completely different path than everyone else. This unconventional extension designed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform is going to be released in April. It is a completely original Nintendo Labo kit made from cardboard paper and other accessories.

Key Features of Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con Variety Kit

  • Genuine accessories for Nintendo Switch
  • A carton kit to help you create a fishing rod, motorcycle, robot and much more
  • It supports creativity and skill development for all ages
  • Package includes a cartridge with the kit and a tutorial on how to assemble Labo

Nintendo Labo Enchants Not Only Children

The Nintendo Labo kit is designed especially for children. It greatly supports creativity and other skills that will be needed for assembling individual parts. It's obvious from the first preview that the Nintendo Labo will be suited for older generations as well. It is therefore admirable to observe how Nintendo was able to use the multifunctionality of Joy-Cons. For example, their sophisticated vibration system matches the Nintendo Labo system perfectly.

Toy-Con Variety Kit

Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con Variety Kit makes it possible to create a fishing rod, a motorcycle, a robot and much more. It may look rather complicated at the first glance, but the assembling process, with the help of the interactive tutorial, is actually pretty easy. After completing your robot suit, there are other challenges to conquer, in the form of other ingenious games included in the package.

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Platform Nintendo Switch


Suitable for Switch
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