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Nikon EN-EL19

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Nikon EN-EL19

The Nikon EN-EL19 is a compact rechargeable high-capacity 700mAh Li-ion battery designed for more than 500 charge cycles, ensuring reliability and a quality service life. It is designed for Nikon cameras.
700 mAh
Designed for:
Coolpix S100
Coolpix S2500
Coolpix S2550
CoolPix S2600
Coolpix S2700
Coolpix S2750
Coolpix S2800
Coolpix S2900
Coolpix S3100
Coolpix S3200
Coolpix S33
Coolpix S3300
Coolpix S3400
Coolpix S3500
Coolpix S4100
Coolpix S4150
Coolpix S4200
Coolpix S4300
Coolpix S4400
Coolpix S5200
Coolpix S6400
Coolpix S6500
Coolpix S6600
Coolpix S6900
Coolpix S7000
3.7 V
Battery type:

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Capacity 700 mAh
Intensity 3.7 V
Article type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Number of charging cycles 500 ×
Original/alternative Original

Suitable for

Brand Nikon
Model Coolpix S32, Coolpix S33, Coolpix S100, Coolpix S2600, Coolpix S2700, Coolpix S2750, Coolpix S2800, Coolpix S2900, Coolpix S3200, Coolpix S3400, Coolpix S3500, Coolpix S3600, Coolpix S3700, Coolpix S4150, Coolpix S4200, Coolpix S4300, Coolpix S4400, Coolpix S5200, Coolpix S5300, Coolpix S6400, Coolpix S6500, Coolpix S6600, Coolpix S6700, Coolpix S6800, Coolpix S6900, Coolpix W100, Coolpix S7000, Coolpix S3100, Coolpix S3300, Coolpix S4100, S2500

Battery type

Battery label Nikon EN-EL19
Code:  OI810k
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  VFB11101
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