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Motorola XT420

€145.51 without VAT

Motorola XT420

The Motorola XT420

Revolutionise the way your team communicates. The Motorola XT420 on site two-way business radio helps you reach those you need to speak to instantly, without missing a beat. It will amaze you with great performance even with hard use in high noise levels and harsh conditions. The device provides clear and crisp audio throughout the workplace and an exceptional battery life. Enhanced audio quality, a rugged design, and versatile customer programming software make this radio a great choice for all your on-site business needs. 


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A top-of-the-line radio

The Motorola XT420 operates without subscription or call charges and offers 8 radio channels with 219 adjustable codes to help ensure a clear signal. It features a powerful 1500mW speaker that has been specifically designed to provide clear communication without distracting feedback in noisy conditions. The device's rugged design meets the most rigorous military standards and is sealed against dust, wind, shock, and other adverse conditions. The special coating on the Motorola XT420 prevents bacteria and mould from accumulating.

Discover the great features of the Motorola XT420

The versatile HTML-based Customer Programming Software (CPS) is very easy to use and works with any computer browser. The CPS is available as a free download, and a separate cable is needed for programming. The device also comes with two programmable buttons for quick and easy access to the most commonly used features.


It will fascinate you

The main features of the Motorola XT420:

  • Range of up to 10km in line of sight
  • Battery life up to 20 hours per charge
  • 219 adjustable codes
  • A rugged design 
  • Resistance to water, dust, and other adverse conditions
  • A unique coating 


Basic features

Radio coverage 10 km
Number of channels 16
Code:  ZD2554f
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  RMP0166BHLAA
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