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Minecraft Starter Collection - Xbox One

321 customers rated
1 000+
customers have purchased
90 %
customers recommend
great game
It's the best game I know I looked for her everywhere on xbox and I have finally found her
Obědnal I 19h and 10h in the second day the postman rang. Perfect.
Minecraft :-) even the small cubes 60 "TV with daj survive
Not possible
Super game for all ages :)
Still newer and newer versions
Many bugov but the new version still fix it :) (s)
What do deliver, kids just eat ...
It is very good, not how to PC
Good game
price and nothing else
The game is super mam playing it's still super system link. Simply open world super recommend.
System link gameplay online graphical processing system
:) It's skvěělá game
It's a great game :)
The controls are a bit tricky, but it is a habit
relatively non-violent game, our son is happy, on the Xbox works without problems
It's the best game
The next day they are sending it beautiful graphics keep the new uptady elaborate game worth buying, just without an error :)
vyblbnutí good to feel incredibly engaging and 3 hours
when someone enters the room, I think that I'm not normal when I'm playing dice ...: D
Classics - a good game
Minecraft is simply Minecraft :)
For kids duty.
Synátora from that I can not look away
I do not know
Herobrine Graphics Inventory Skins Less complicated control your MP
World s end
Good price, fast delivery.
rychla to construct a brisk game
it's all graphically halting cats, but as it should be
Super game! So far I have not found any bugs, however, but I found the guide as the other games were undamaged packaging, however, lose two days of online gaming is not radost-
Super game
Missing Manual
Best game the best
I can not look away from it
It looks great
Daughter likes builds and when that might benefit the animals, great. Ever since 5years wants to have a farm full of animals.
children's entertainment
THE GOODS I am satisfied
For kids ....
Daughter is happy ... and this is the main ....
Excellent game, he almost classical, very popular with children, I think that they are in the building mode helps explain how it works a lot of things, how to build houses, etc ...
You can not walk away from it :-)
spokojnost son
spokojnost son
Our son is very rá play a game that develops thinking spacious.
There are inconvenient figures for children.
obědnal night I arrived and the game we play every day.
Super Game Boy is excited
Really speed! I ordered the evening, arrived in the afternoon!
Catchy without end Multiplayer
Multiplayer only gold membership (but it can microsoft = /), but I got it =) Paid Paid Skins texturepacky
Much better than PC
It took us longer to learn how to handle a Iba in English
The best thing I ever got Minecraft Upgrade code and it was real! They gave me one for free from Read more at
super graphics multiplayer
Well if it's good schrnul. Just annoys me that the world is so small ... Oh, and playing online you need a gold membership but I have it. Further, usually when I want to play with your buddies so I wrote, for example: connect fail. Connect error ... And so Daal -.- Well, but I must say that when you're playing it for the first time, you stupid ... it dominates Manageability is 100% better on the PC. But then if you want more skins, you must buy a skin pack. Perhaps you will do a trial pack versions, but they are paid better ... Maybe zombies skin that looks like a zombie doopravdický has hands like a sleepwalker ...: D
Majnkráááááft: D Multiplayer
Manageability Small World Mulťák only GOLD multiplayer Sometimes it is not! Pay skins texture pack
Classic, interesting, grandson - 9 years in her last several hours
English version impoverishes
Freedom nelaguje price
limited space world spawnovaných little monsters, so monstertrapky are sick: S o against Minecraft PC there is little ITEM! you have to save the game for yourself, unlike the PC version
Minecraft I'm very fond of, but because he was my Notas new updates worse managed, I bought xbox me on it could play minecraft. This year and half ago, when the Xbox version 1.3.7 or lagged far behind the PC version. Mojang promised that a version for the Xbox will soon catch up with the PC version. For a year and a half as the game got, it did not happen, on the contrary, the difference between version more and more deepens. The creators of the Xbox version omits a very dedicated almost exclusively the PC version. Without updates and enhancements playing Minecraft on Xbox will soon get tired, even because of the limited size of the world (for the PC version is a world of infinite).
great game
xbox version lags more than a year for the PC version updates once in a blue moon you can not change the free texture pack and skin restricted area of ??the world
Children are satisfied
Unfortunately, does not control the Kinect - a motion of his hand, but the driver only
Interesting checkered game
Furt same precious little community