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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB

€3,888.53 without VAT

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB

The all in one pc is a very practical computer. All of the components are within the monitor, which saves you a lot of space and gives you freedom of movement without cables. The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB model has a touchscreen measuring 28" and the power and speed from the very powerful Intel Core i7 processor, which will handle more demanding programmes. The product's screen has an extra-fine resolution, making it perfect for lovers of cinema. The technology used in this device means the screen has very good viewing angles and vivid colouring. One of the most important advantages of the Microsoft all in one pc is its WiFi capability, so you will not be tied down by complicated cables. The webcam on this model is also something you will not find on a traditional monitor. This practical all-in-one also includes a memory card scanner, which photo enthusiasts will love. includes an optical drive to read DVDs or CDs. It even has a memory card reader, which will surely be appreciated by photo enthusiasts. The preloaded operating system is Windows 10 Pro. The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB all in one pc includes a keyboard and mouse, meaning you can use it right when you unpack it.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB All In One PC Key Features

  • Compact design with hardware within the monitor
  • Microsoft all in one pc has a RAM capacity of 16 GB
  • Perfect image quality thanks to the 28" IPS display
  • Touchscreen guarantees intuitive and comfortable handling
  • Screen resolution: 4500 × 3000 px
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB has the Intel Core i7 7820HQ Kaby Lake processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with a memory of 6 GB
  • Integrated memory card reader
  • Connect to the internet with its WiFi module
  • Built-in webcam will help you feel connected to loved ones far away
  • 4× USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) ports at your disposal
  • Other equipment includes LAN, Headphone/Speaker output and USB-C
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB all in one pc is preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro
  • Packaging includes mouse and keyboard

What kind of processor and is built into the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB?

The speed and power of this computer are thanks to the quad-core Intel Core i7 7820HQ Kaby Lake processor, which runs at a frequency of 2,9 GHz. In the Turbo Boost mode, it will run at 3,9 GHz. Fast and smooth operation is guaranteed by the with an above-average capacity of 16 GB. Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB has 1000 GB of memory for programmes installation and data. A very fast SSD will serve as the drive. The advantage of this technology with no mechanical parts is reliability, speed and shocks resistance. For the graphics, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB all in one pc relies on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with a memory of 6 GB for the most demanding programs or games.

The Monitor and Connectivity on the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 1TB i7 16GB All-In-One PC

The monitor on this all-in-one computer has a resolution of 4500 × 3000 px. Its size of 28" will provide you with a large work surface. The clarity of the image is guaranteed by the IPS technology, offering vivid colours with good viewing angles. The screen is touch-responsive, offering easy, intuitive control. The Microsoft all in one pc has a robust interface for the easy connection of various electronics. This, of course, includes the crucial 4× USB 3.2 Gen1 (USB 3.0) connectors as well.. A LAN port is available for easy connection to the internet, so it is not necessary to rely only on its WiFi module. The equipment is complemented by Bluetooth technology.


Operating system

Operating system Windows 10 Pro


Display size 28 " (71.12 cm)
Resolution 4500 × 3000 px
Panel type IPS


Assembly type All-in-one PC


Processor series Intel Core i7
Processor model Intel Core i7 7820HQ Kaby Lake
Processor frequency 2.9 GHz (2,900 MHz)
Number of processor cores 4 ×
Core boost frequency 3.9 GHz (3,900 MHz)
Max TDP 45 W
CPU features Automatic Overclocking, HyperThreading, Low energy consumption, Virtualization Support

Graphics card

Model graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M


Size of operational RAM 16 GB
Maximum RAM capacity 16 GB
Intel Optane No

Hard Drive

Storage capacity 1,000 GB (1 TB)


Basic equipment Bluetooth, Memory Card Reader, Touch display, Webcam, Wi-Fi
WiFi type 802.11ac

Colour and design

Colour Silver
Wardrobe size All In One


CPU Passmark 9,250


Other LAN, Headphone/Speaker output, USB-C
Optical drive Without Optical Drive


Width 637.35 mm
Height 438.9 mm
Depth 12.5 mm
Weight 9.56 kg


Basic accessories Mouse, Keyboard
Code:  MCS202o
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  LAH-00018