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Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Retail (electronic licence)

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Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Retail (electronic licence)

What apps are included with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

Key Features of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium?

  • 12-month subscription for one person, available for organizations with up to 300 employees and other paid licenses
  • OneDrive Cloud Storage for 1 TB Businesses with ransomware detection and file recovery capabilities
  • One license covers fully installed Office on 5 phones, 5 tablets and 5 personal PCs or Mac OS per user
  • Above standard versions of Word, Excel, PowePoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access (PC only), and Publisher (PC only)
  • Business Applications: Outlook Costumer Manager
  • Business Services: Exchange Online with a 50 GB Cache on Your Own Domain, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online
  • Superior chat or telephone support with Microsoft experts
  • FPP products only: The activation code will be delivered to you with detailed instructions for installing the product; the manufacturer does not produce any CD, DVD or flash media

What services are included in Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium?

With the help of indispensable Cloud Office tools, you can increase your business productivity. Office 365 Business Premium simplifies work and enables teams to collaborate in real time with each other . It also includes services and applications for businesses. For example, for billing, appointment planning and reservation management that can be used on a variety of devices.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium


Simple use of corporate email via a live and well-known Outlook interface that you can access from your desktop or web browser. You'll also get a synchronized calendar, contacts, and notes from all your devices.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium


Project management and supervision is very easy with support for conversation threads and chat. There is a file sharing that gives team members access to up-to-date information to provide the ability to create original content together or modify existing project data.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium


A powerful tool that lets your business share and manage content, use team-based applications, and access valuable information that enables seamless collaboration throughout the organization.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

Skype for Business

A simple and easy-to-use interface for team members that improves communication and collaboration through online meetings with other companies, anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

Outlook Costumer Manager

Do not waste time managing your data and spend more time building customer relationships. This intelligently designed solution for efficient business information management will help you.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium


If you want to increase the loyalty of your customers, simplify the way they plan and manage their meetings, plus add flexibility and control over booking the exact time and services that customers need. You also get an overview of receiving email confirmations, calendar invitations, and friendly reminders.

Excel in Office 2019

Excel 2019 in Office 2019 will enhance your presentations for better scale work, new chart types, and other features designed to help you use your data in reporting and identifying trends and opportunities. In addition, you can use the Timeline visual chart to display the sequence of events in chronological order along the linear timeline.

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

Outlook in Office 2019

Outlook 2019 offers attractive new smart features. You can get better results with them. For example, you can highlight your most important contacts by adding a @ symbol to their name in your emails or calendar entries, you can easily validate travel reservations and package delivery, and prioritize your most important messages by prioritizing your inbox.

Magnifier in PowerPoint 2019

With the zoom function, you can move your interpretation to a whole new level by introducing a linear interpretation using interactive images. The zoom feature gives you more flexibility and allows you to continue the interpretation without having to leave presentation mode . The listeners will stay focused and the effect of zooming in and out will attract their attention.

Microsoft Office 2019
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Included applications

Included applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, SharePoint Workspace


Language Version EN


License type Electronic license
Method of licensing Subscription
Portability of license Yes
Use Commercial use
Number of devices 5 devices
Number of users 1 user
Validity of subscription 12 months
Office version Business Premium (Electronic License)

Basic parameters

Designation For businesses
Subscription licenses Yes


License type Electronic license


Device type PC
Operating system Windows
Installation method Electronically


Method of licensing Subscription
Number of devices 1
Number of PC/MACs 1
Subscription duration 12 months
Use Commercial use
License type Electronic license

Software type

Software type MS Office
Code:  SWLM0005EN
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  KLQ-00211