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Medisana MediTouch 2 Connect Bluetooth

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Medisana MediTouch 2 Connect Bluetooth

Look after yourself and your health by keeping your blood sugars under control! The Medisana Touch 2 is a highly-reliable and practical device, reading your blood sugars in just 5 seconds. If your measurements are too high or too low, you’ll know about it quickly and easily. The integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to transfer all of the obtained data to your smartphone, tablet or computer. From there, you can store it in VitaDock, meaning that you always have access to comprehensive data providing you with a clear picture of your overall health. For your convenience, the Medisana Touch 2 comes equipped with a large, readable digital display, time and date stamps, a low battery indicator and a function that checks the quality of your test strips. You’ll have everything under control! 

Key Features 

  • Calculates an average value for 7, 14, 30 and 50 days
  • Fast 5 second measurements
  • Large 480 measurement memory capacity 
  • Automatic shutdown after 1.5 minutes
  • Acoustic test remark
  • Alarm for high and low blood sugar readings
  • Detection of ketoacidosis risks
  • Indicator of faulty test strip
  • Low battery indicator
  • Can be linked to VitaDock for comprehensive overviews
  • Integrated Bluetooth for data transfer


Power supply:
2× 3V battery

Operating temperature:

Package contains:
10 test strips
Sampling pen with adjustable penetration depth
10 lancets
Control solution
AST cup
Diabetic diary



Power supply Battery
Functions Measurement of ketone concentrations, Bluetooth, Diameters
Measuring range 33.3 mmol/l


Number of stripes 10
Code:  MEDGL004
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  79046
Links: Manufacturer's Website: