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Looxid VR

Looxid VR

Looxid VR

VR Headset for Scientific Purposes

The Looxid VR Headset is the realisation of an innovative idea. It integrates two eye-tracking cameras and six EEG brainwave sensors that monitor the brain activity of a user and interprets the information collected to determine their emotional state.

Careful User Evaluation

All data measured by the headset are sent to a special application for detailed evaluation. It is possible to get a clear picture of what stimuli cause the person to respond with fear. This method of therapy provides completely new possibilities for treating various mental conditions.

Looxid VR
Looxid VR

Key Features of the Looxid VR Headset

  • VR headset for scientific purposes
  • Records eye and brain activity
  • Not designed for playing VR games
  • For phones with a size of at least 5"
  • Compatible with Android 7.1 and above, data processing is also available on MacOS and Linux


Imaging capabilities

Refresh rate 120 Hz
Code:  LOvr01
Warranty: 12 months
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