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Logitech Wireless Illuminated K800 US

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Super contraption. Beautifully lies on the table, not moving at all, if you do not. Super backlight in 4 intensities. sensor works great every time you want to write itself is light goes on before touching it ..... In normal use, like every other gaming evening chat, occasionally celodení work can last up to a month, a record for the month and ten days ... but definitely recommend it here eng the labels are super, careful not to be just stickers .... I highly recommend
Super backlight Good vždrž beautifully keeps on his desk charging only 3-5 hours to any function in relation to allocate Press the macro do not ever hear
Price - but it's worth it in some stores only eng, eng with stickers to watch! ! ! Lags from the beginning - after dis- placed the sensor back pc everything OK
good buy
Enlightenment, Czech, lift buttons
tiny Left Shift
The best keyboard ever came to me under the arms.
The higher the price, but matches the quality
wireless while podsvietena bezdrot. sensor works well next to the mouse sensor
The key (Lmouse) must apply via the Fn key
superlatively good key layout of silence for those people who are potrebuju viewed at Pisani keyboards own battery lasts a fast charging of the fixed structure
Great keyboard, illuminated only when I'm working.
Czech missing letters with hooks, but to me it nevadí.Batrii I had to recharge after about one month, but do not turn off the keyboard at all. Maybe it's that.
The keyboard is nice, friendly, nice podsvietená ... but let me someone will say, why has Alza completely different keyboard layout than the figures ?! The figure has a big, big jednoriadkový Enter a leftward shift. Realistically it is a small version shiftom with the left (with the pipe - pipe - next to it) and a small dvojriadkovým Enterom (next to it with an oven). NACO are hell whom two buttons with oven and pollination ergonomics? Push the enter key, there is an oven, depress the shift, there is a pipe ... Tomorrow, ide keyboard back into the tears ... :(
The wireless keyboard with backlight Príjemné
Layout does not fit with photo - Enter for a small two rows and a small left shift.