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Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 black

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I wanted a smaller přenostitelné speakers around the house are slightly bigger than I expected, but nothing terrible
very nice sound for this price category, few prominent diode, unlike some of the others in this category ...
Less dramatic sound
Good price x performance, but some extra hifi's not, sorely missing subwoofer, the sound is flatter. As a smaller repráčky for playing TV or Youtube, etc. Probably enough, a movie theater or a little more challenging it is to listen.
Good price x performance
Basically, it ake su narrow a comparatively high performance. Necakajte but miracles. The sound has a relatively cropping zones, necakam powerfully bass and treble me missing. Personally, I would recommend something which has at least a 2-way speakers.
Design, headphone output and input behold, performance.
I think a good compromise between size and sound quality. Pure play, no hum at idle.
Slightly weaker bass, but no Trago :-)
Speakers visually nice, but could be more shiny than matte (dark gray and black could be) would be appropriate and cover, but it is not absolutely necessary and the picture is clear enough how it looks purchased goods effervescence when they are only running, but does not play Sound green LED dazzle
regulation bass must be at max, otherwise the bass a little weak performance for gaming or YT while sitting at your PC, or not entirely suitable not as great as they look by user
After a bad experience with a "timber" (the Genius after a year of excruciating squeak of new Defender EXTRA hum) here I prefer plastic and do not regret. For occasional playing music, playing games, watching movies, and so super. So far, no problem with sound and contentment.
Perhaps only that it is not possible to put them on the wall, but it does not bother me that much.
Good sound design Nice are smaller, so they can fit on a small table A good compromise between price, quality and size
Basso could have greater range, but good :)
I recommend. I did not expect this for such a good and clear sound.
Pure Sound Design Firm and quality design control bass
Bass regulation could have a greater range
Great sound quality bass shrillness price
These speakers are really only as ozvučovacie device to your laptop, tablet and the like. The sound is awfully tinny, thud. PC games totally evil. No effects. Everything is also coalesced. The TV can detto neviem imagine. Over 50% of the total volume was come alive. For those monies, say they are ok. But rather pay extra for better or take a 2 + 1 system.
Total quality processing - for those monies. Namely that such a sound is tinny, but You do not sound like the ashtrays.
Tinny sound with hints of deeper tones. Decanted sound at lower hlasitostiach. Zamumlený. Spidery cables. Among the speakers fixed.
good clean sound good for gaming
design award
price and performance spolehlivosk
converting a nice repro, threw a ... behold price / performance is very good ...
We have not found.
I bought it based on the reviews here, they look great, but I expected better sound :)
Nice look Price
It is normal that the sound comes from the top "training wheels" and the bottom one is just a decoration? Small bass
In my opinion the best crate for computers that today they get
I could not find
Perfect sound Small size Large control button
nice design - the conversion ratio quality / price
There is nothing to criticize! Absolutely perfect in terms of design and cable length, functionality and sound.
Quality repro Price / Performance
Long cables for its size plays surprisingly well :) The second audio input Definitely recommend, for little money, a lot of music :)
super work
sound nice price
I have it on his desk at work, play and look good. For the money excellent.
Nice design Clear Sound The 2.0 speakers decent bass channel
Pekna 2.0 speaker system for € 25
Nice sound Design
Kable could be longer
Nice sound Design
Cables could be longer
super sound, nice design, output at the hearing, good price, huge spokojnost
Pleasant decent sound control
Exactly what I expected - bigger size, perfect sound, the perfect volume to the middle room, white cable connections are sufficiently long cables. For this price perfect, handily replaces 2 + 1 set in terms of performance.
Absolutely correspond to my vision, I have what I rebuked.
The ratio of price and performance is adequate doporucam. Solid processing great bass volume
Great sound quality bass shrillness price
I recommend to all
for the price a nice sound when I thought I was surprised
Performance is satisfactory and sizes meet my needs.
Aesthetic converting ratio price - performance
small size, sufficient power for household connectivity - I have a PC connected simultaneously turntable brand. Logitech
Nice design, play the music and words :)
Small bass, but it was to be expected in small repro
nicer than just expensive from Genius
no deep bass or crystal-clear highs not wait
Currently there are no
for that price you can not expect miracles and I can not get them :)
Excellent price / performance ratio. Solid embodiment appears. The advantage is accessible vladač and closing + jack for headphones.
Meanwhile satisfaction, in line with expectations.
Design Price / quality
Nothing yet
Speakers su designs very nice sound is pleasant, clean stacia, when you listen at lower volume nieco
It is not at high performance speakers, listening to loud
I would recommend
design looks a bit cheesy
corresponds to the price
sound flat
Sound, about 10 years of use accessories logitech, not just speakers, but some of these I have waited too much. I would rather have suffered a stacked assembly 2 + 1, it had been better. Asus gaming laptop is doing about as certainly as regards the sound. On the other hand I play lespie as 300eurove laptops.
Excellent sound. Mainly because of the sound is definitely worth paying extra 100-200 and have such sound than buying a little cheaper and worry. Truly the best experience in this price category.
sound, weight, design, control bass
My brother needed a smaller speakers (small table) to your PC. Nice futuristic design, good sound quality and small dimensions = excellent purchase for someone who has a small table :)
Very good sound cable length longer than I needed, but better long than short small footprint design
I would recommend an anyone who wants to enjoy the good little man, for example. panelakovej in room
krasny design, su very easily and thus easily transportable, the sound quality niesom experts, but according to MNA performs very well, etc. They handle the bass in the larger hlasitostiach
excellent sound system
Nice design Good sound
Lack of regulation bass
I was looking for a little money and a lot of music unfortunately failed selection. So I returned the next day.
Very little flat bass sound awkward height
nice design
very weak bass sound with gave me even on the Sound Blaster sound card Z tweak it so that it could be as little as just listens. Neviem imagine ake it would have been with an integrated soundcard.
I recommend.
Space-saving. Quality at low cost.
Weaker bass, but at that price I do not know if it's against.
and super-quality voice
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Did not meet expectations in terms of reviews.
Did not meet expectations in terms of reviews.