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Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync, GX Brown, US

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Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync, GX Brown, US

The Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync, GX Brown, US gaming keyboard represents the optimal tool for all gamers who want to jump ahead to victory in the winner-first world of gamers. The model's instantaneous response and tough and rugged keys ensure the fastest response speed, so you will hit every opponent. The modest size of the keyboard also gives you plenty of room for your mouse. Mechanical switches provide great tactile feedback and are much tougher than the standard membrane construction, making the keyboard a real joy to use.

Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync, GX Brown, US Gaming Keyboard Key Features

  • The gaming keyboard also features a USB hub for linking several accessories or a phone charger, for example
  • Programmable keys allow you to map many difficult keystroke combinations
  • A rugged and well-designed construction of the keyboard makes sure that the keys will last you a long time
  • USB interface for connecting the keyboard to your gaming PC
  • The all mechanical keyboard ensures a swift response when typing and gaming
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Connecting Wired
Interface USB

Keyboard designation

Keyboard designation Gaming
Technology Mechanic


Localisation American
Key type Classic (High-profile)
Enter Two-line wide
Backspace Wide
Left shift Wide
Cursor arrows Narrow

Keyboard features

Keyboard features Backlit keys, Mechanical keys, USB Hub, Programmable keys, Dynamic back-lighting


Colour Black


Width 44.5 cm (445 mm)
Height 3.55 cm (35.5 mm)
Depth 13.2 cm (132 mm)


Weight 1,130 g

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Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  920-009352