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LG 360 VR

LG 360 VR

These lightweight compact glasses will open up the world of virtual reality . They come with intuitive control with your LG G5 smartphone. Due to this you will enjoy the latest panoramic and 3D games, adrenaline raising videos, sports broadcasts, concerts and other content. All in crystal clear quality.

Key features

  • Compact glasses for virtual reality
  • Dual 1.88" IPS display
  • Designed for the LG G5 smartphone
  • Compatible with 360° videos on YouTube

Small size, great experiences

Spectacles will surely take you with timeless design and more compact dimensions and lower weight than your competitors. This makes them more comfortable not only for wearing but also for carrying. This is also facilitated by simply folding the device. However, the small size definitely lacks functionality, so you enjoy not only 3D games, but also all 360° videos on YouTube and all the content ready for Google Cardboard .

Additional information:

1.88" IPS LCD, 920 × 720 pixels per eye

Gyroscope and accelerometre
Proximity sensor
USB 2.0 and Type C USB
3.5mm audio jack

164.1 × 185.6 × 45.9mm


The LG G5 is not included

Code:  LFVR01
Warranty: 24 months
Links: Manufacturer's Website: