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Lenovo Explorer

€388.85 without VAT

Lenovo Explorer

Lenovo Explorer with Windows Mixed Reality support

The brand new Lenovo Explorer glasses let you access not only virtual, but mixed reality. The main difference is that you can move within 3-dimensional space up to a distance of 4m. The pair of internal LCD panels offers up to 1440 × 1440px resolution. In addition, they provide a viewing angle of up to 110°.

Lenovo Explorer

Quick Connection

The Windows Mixed Reality Headset is fully supported by the latest version of Windows 10 and will only take a moment to set up. Additionally, you need only two cables to connect to your PC.

Convenient to Use

The entire Lenovo Explorer headset weighs in at only 380g. Its advantage is that no external sensors are needed and you don't even need a particularly powerful PC.

Lenovo Explorer

Lenovo Explorer

Discover Fun in the World of 3D

With sturdy headphones that are both lightweight and comfortable, the headset is designed so you can forget you're wearing it. Instead, you'll be immersed in one of the many applications available at the Microsoft Store; a variety of travel, entertainment, education and creativity apps are available. Enjoy a truly intense experience with Lenovo Explorer.

Lenovo Explorer

Key Features of Lenovo Explorer Headset

  • Mixed reality glasses including surround sound.
  • Inner padding with cutout (suitable for users with eyeglasses).
  • Amazing content in the form of apps for virtual travel or for watching movies or live concerts or playing games.
  • Compatible with the current version of Windows 10.


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Imaging capabilities

Refresh rate 90 Hz
Code:  LENOVR1
Warranty: 24 months
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