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LEA Apple Pencil Case

€8.39 without VAT

LEA Apple Pencil Case

The LEA Apple Pencil Case is specially designed for the innovative Apple Pencil. It reliably protects the pencil from scratches and abrasions and keeps the surface glossy. It is made of soft rubber that tightly surrounds the pencil, preventing its movement inside the case. Its comfortable ergonomic shape makes it easy to use a pencil and minimizes hand and wrist loads. In your hand, it will be comfortable and easy to hold and allow you to be more creative with the Apple Pencil.

Key Features

  • For the Apple Pencil - protection from scratches and abrasions
  • Made of soft rubber
  • Ergonomic shape with ribbing for a comfortable fit
  • Easy to use and allows for more creative handling
  • Simple take-off for quick battery recharging
  • Practical eye

No Accidents Due to Non-Slip Surface

A great advantage is that due to the soft rubber, the protective cover does not slide on a table or other surface, but remains in place. You do not have to worry about dropping the pencil. You can also easily remove the case for quick and simple battery recharging. At one end, there is a practical snap ring to make sure you always know where the pencil is.

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