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Lanaform Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

€35.65 without VAT

Lanaform Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Early getting up to the sound of an alarm clock is unpleasant for most of us, but it does not have to be. The Lanaform Wake Up Light Luminous Alarm Clock offers a gentle and welcoming awakening with natural sounds. Alternatively, you can set it to your favorite radio station. You can also use the alarm clock as a small reading lamp. Colour effects can provide simulation of sunrise or sunset so you can not only get up with a better mood, but also fall asleep comfortably and pleasantly. 

Key Features of Lanaform Wake Up Light

  • The light alarm will gently wake you up or help you to fall asleep
  • 6 options for changing colour and light intensity adjustment
  • Built-in radio
  • Snooze function and two alarms
  • The Lanaform Wake Up Light can also be used as a lamp
  • The backup battery works in the event of a power failure

Natural Alarm and Sleep with Light Alarm

Waking up with this unique light alarm is done on a simple principle. The light grows stronger while imitating the rising sun and these effects are accompanied by six sounds of nature or your set radio station. If you have difficulty falling asleep, the sunset effect will help you sleep sweetly. The Lanaform Wake Up Light has six LED options for changing colour and the light intensity can be set as well. The LCD has blue backlight.


Light output:
260 lux




Functions LCD display, Radio, Alarm clock
Backup battery Yes
Code:  LANWU010
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  LA190201