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LAMAX Storm1

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LAMAX Storm1

The LAMAX Storm1 Bluetooth speaker will bring a powerful bass sounds and crystal clear treble sounds that you've longed for. And you won't have to worry about tangled up cables. The latest Bluetooth technology lets you play content from your smartphone and other compatible devices. The LAMAX Storm1 Bluetooth speaker has a range of audible frequencies from 80 Hz up to 18000 Hz. The power of 40 W will emit good sound for a party in a smaller home. The internal Battery has a battery capacity 3600 mAh, so it can play continuously for 15 hr(s).

LAMAX Storm1 Bluetooth Speaker Key Features

  • Easily connect to the audio source with Bluetooth technology
  • Alternative connection options include 3,5mm Jack, microSD and USB-C
  • One charge will last for up to 15 hr(s)
  • Plays any frequency from 80 Hz to 18000 Hz
  • Total Performance: 40 W
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 204 mm × 80 mm × 64 mm

The LAMAX Storm1 Bluetooth speaker Brings Quality Sound Without Tangled Cables

There is also the option to connect to the LAMAX Storm1 Bluetooth speaker with the help of a 3.5mm Jack connector. And finally, we must not forget the stylish design that should not escape your attention.

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Battery capacity 3,600 mAh
Playback time 15 hr(s)

System type

System type Separate speaker
Active/Passive Active (independent)
Mechanics without mechanics
Features and functions Voice Assistant


Technology Bluetooth
Inputs 3,5mm Jack, microSD , USB-C


Overall performance 40 W
Protection level IP67
Frequency from 80 Hz
Frequency to 18,000 Hz

Speaker dimensions

Speaker width 204 mm
Speaker height 80 mm
Speaker depth 64 mm
Code:  LMA019w
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  LAMAX Storm1
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