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Koss SB/45 (Lifetime Warranty)

€48.58 without VAT

Koss SB/45 (Lifetime Warranty)

Gamers agree that not only high-quality graphics are important, clarity of the sound effects is also crucial. These headphones for gamers by Koss SB/45 (Lifetime Warranty) have a comfortable fit thanks to the padding. Their closed construction also provides added isolation from outside noise. Another reason for buying these headphones is that they have a microphone for talking to other gamers. When compared to other headsets, these are provided with an unusually long cable. Because of the frequency range 18Hz to 20000Hz, you can be sure that your will hear every note of your favourite game.

  • Sleek Black and White colour
  • Extra-long cable measuring 2,1 to 2,9 m

The Koss SB/45 (Lifetime Warranty) Gaming Headset Include a Handy Microphone

Gamers and music lovers alike will definitely enjoy the built-in microphone. The headphones with a microphone by Koss will have a flawless connection with anyone, anywhere, whether in games or just regular phone calls. The omnidirectional microphone means you'll hear perfectly well no matter where the sound comes from.


Headphone type

Design around the ears
Construction Closed
Microphone With microphone

Microphone characteristics

Microphone construction Foldable
Directional characteristics Omni-directional scanning

Headphone characteristics

Frequency to 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW
Impedance 100 Ohm


connection type 3.5 mm Jack
Cable length 2.4 m
Cable routing Unilateral (in one shell)



Colour White, Black


Platform PC
Code:  JK620b2set
Warranty: 12 months
Extended Warranty: +87 months