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Klarstein Valbella

€126.36 without VAT

Klarstein Valbella

The Air Purifier Klarstein Valbella creates better quality air for both you and your family. In the first step of air purifying, pet hair and other larger impurities are removed from the surrounding air with the help of the prefilter. The key element of the Klarstein Valbella is a HEPA air filter that easily attracts 99% of pollen, dust particles and bacteria. The carbon filter is used for removing unwanted fumes and odours throughout your home. The UV light disinfects any surviving bacteria to leave you with a sterile environment without allergens.

Klarstein Valbella Air Purifier Key Features

  • The HEPA filter removes approximately 99% of all bacteria and allergens
  • A carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odours, smoke and vehicle emissions
  • A prefilter collects large particles
  • Added function(s): Power regulation and UV sterilisation lamp

Klarstein Valbella Air Purifier Additional Functions

It features a power dial to adjust the level of performance. This is ideal when you need to quickly cool a room or reduce the noise.



Mobile application No
Recommended room size 25 m2
Maximum noise level 60 dB(A)
Minimum noise level 30 dB(A)


Filters HEPA, Carbon, Prefilter


Function Power regulation, UV sterilisation lamp

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Code:  KLACV228
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4260509686228