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Klarstein Toledo

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Klarstein Toledo

The Klarstein Toledo is a highly-practical and reliable air humidifier, finished in a sophisticated and modern white design that will compliment your home interior perfectly. The quality of the environments we choose to immerse ourselves in can have a huge impact on our overall health. An optimum air humidity ratio is required to relieve airways and is beneficial for a wide range of individuals, particularly asthmatics. The Toledo is a first-class device, equipped with a 6-litre water tank that is easy and convenient to refill. Provide your home with a clean, fresh and healthy atmosphere today with the Klarstein Toledo.

Key Features 

  • Ensures that the air is humid enough to provide an environment that soothes and relieves
  • Has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and overall health
  • A generous 6-litre water tank for long operation
  • Two nozzle outlets
  • During operation, it is practically silent so as to not disrupt work or sleep
  • Integrated aroma diffuser allows for a refined and relaxing atmosphere.

Fulfilling Your Needs

The Klarstein Toledo is equipped with two separate nozzle outlets which can be set independently from one another. Water vapour can, therefore, be dispersed in two directions simultaneously, greatly improving the humidification process within your favourite rooms. It operates using high-quality, ultrasonic technology, meaning that during operation it is practically silent. This makes for an ideal healthcare assistant at home, in the bedroom or in the office—it will never interrupt your tasks or your sleep. Additional features include a blue LED backlight and an integrated aroma diffuser. When utilised, you can disperse beautifully refined scents into your home, lifting your mood and allowing for a relaxing atmosphere. Give clean and healthy air a chance with the Klarstein Toledo!



Mobile application No
Power consumption 24 W
Humidification capacity 300 ml/hour
Water tank capacity 6 l

Humidifier type

Humidifier type Ultrasound


Function Moisture maintaining


Colour White


Depth 200 mm
Width 230 mm
Height 290 mm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  KLAZV026
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4260509683753
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