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Klarstein Piedmont W

€171.43 without VAT

Klarstein Piedmont W

The Air Purifier Klarstein Piedmont W ensures fresher air for indoor environments. Its superior efficiency is shown by its air volume power – the air purifier can function at up to 210 m3/hour. During the initial stage of cleaning, pet hair and other larger particles are removed from the air with the help of an aluminium pre-filter. The key element of the Klarstein Piedmont W is a HEPA air filter that reliably pulls in 99% of bacteria and allergens. The carbon filter is ideal for neutralising unpleasant odours. The UV light disinfects any surviving bacteria to create a thoroughly clean environment.

Klarstein Piedmont W Air Purifier Key Features

  • The HEPA filter removes approximately 99% of allergens, bacteria and dust
  • A carbon filter gets rid of kitchen fumes, unpleasant smells and emissions
  • A prefilter collects hair and other large dust particles
  • Added function(s): Timer, Power regulation, Display and UV sterilisation lamp
  • Maximum noise level: 60 dB, Minimum noise level: 30 dB
  • Air power: 210 m3/hour

Klarstein Piedmont W Air Purifier Additional Functions

The Air Purifier comes with a timer, so you can select when it will turn on and off. It features a power regulator to increase or decrease performance. This is ideal when you want to reduce the noise level or save on energy costs.



Mobile application No
Power consumption 50 W
Air power 210 m3/hour
Maximum noise level 60 dB
Minimum noise level 30 dB


Filters HEPA, Carbon, Aluminium pre-filter


Function Timer, Power regulation, Display, UV sterilisation lamp

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Code:  KLACV242
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4260509686242