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Klarstein Arosa W

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Klarstein Arosa W

The Air Purifier Klarstein Arosa W brings fresher air for all members of your household. This reliable system is designed for rooms measuring 20 m2. Its sufficient effectiveness can be seen by the air volume power – the air purifier filters at up to 140 m3/hour. In the first stage of purifying, pet hair and other larger impurities are removed from the air by a metal mesh pre-filter. An added benefit of the Klarstein Arosa W is a HEPA filter that effectively eliminates almost 100% of dust, bacteria and allergens. The carbon filter is ideal for neutralising fumes from cooking and other unwanted odours. The light from a UV lamp takes away whatever bacteria are left to leave you with a perfectly clean environment. In the final stage, the air purifier enriches the air with negatives ions. It then blows back air that is fresh.

Klarstein Arosa W Air Purifier Key Features

  • Designed for areas of 20 m2
  • A HEPA filter removes 99% of pollen, dust particles and bacteria
  • The carbon filter removes unpleasant odours, emissions from vehicles and kitchen fumes
  • A prefilter collects hair, pet hair and other larger dust particles
  • Added function(s): Air quality sensor, Timer, Power regulation, Display, Automatic mode, UV sterilisation lamp and Air ioniser
  • Maximum noise level: 56 dB, Minimum noise level: 25 dB
  • Air power: 140 m3/hour

Klarstein Arosa W Air Purifier Additional Functions

The smart Klarstein Arosa W air purifier has an air quality sensor that monitors its surroundings. As a result, the device automatically knows when it's the right time to purify the air in the room. The Air Purifier also features a timer, allowing you to exactly set when it will turn on and off. It features a power regulator to decrease and increase performance. This is ideal when you want to reduce the noise to make a phone call. You will also find an automatic programme that adjusts performance according to the air quality in the room.


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Mobile application No
Power consumption 55 W
Air power 140 m3/hour
Recommended room size 20 m2
Maximum noise level 56 dB
Minimum noise level 25 dB


Filters HEPA, Carbon, Aluminium pre-filter


Function Air quality sensor, Timer, Power regulation, Display, Automatic mode, UV sterilisation lamp, Air ioniser
Code:  KLACV927
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4260509684927