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Kingston DataTraveler Mini 32GB Cyan

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2 000+
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90 %
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ideal to loss
Fast Metal tiny and yet large :-)
may soon lose
Real rychost enrollment of about 16 to 20 megabytes / sec, very compact size ideal for keys - and meanwhile neošoupává signs of damage.
Small, reliable
yet did not disappoint and operates data transfer rate is satisfactory it can be put on a key (even if thicker ring is a bit on the cramped) can be well and pull the plug does not fall color + design
easily entered (no cap) is not likely to impact-resistant
Compact design nimble and fast
Scuffed paint, after half a year of wear on the keys started to have problems with the USB connection.
quick, nice
really quite small, probably in my purse lose :-)
Really tiny, powerful, without objections
Small fast good price
I could not find
Strong metal casing without undue loose parts
So small, it takes only a place the size of the USB connector. Really fast USB 3.0. Metal - great for MacBook Pro ...
size, speed
small but compact, tz nothing nevrže.
speed, size, design
super fast
Fast writing
Quickly scuffs color
Good price nice appearance of the writing speed USB metal structure
a little quick on the keys at hand
Alternative to HD recording from TV
Small, fast, replacing the HD TV
price rate size
kingston stupid pack
works and micro
small size, high-quality processing
For little money, a lot of music ...
Price, speed, reliability
Price, size, quality, reliability
128 gigabytes on a small metal keychain with USB 3 - exactly what I needed.
Small, light, fast USB 3 works
too little
teeny :)
teeny :)
fast, small, durable, nice
dimensions speed
speed / price rate Seq. reading of 34 megabytes / s for USB 2.0 speed SEQ. Minutes 10.5 megabytes / s for USB 2.0
Size (dimensions) size (capacity) Metal design pendant strap USB 3.0
Size (dimensions) size (capacity) Metal design pendant strap USB 3.0
compact dimensions, speed and metal structure
everything OK
Speed ??very good size
I would prefer a rubber casing that protects against shocks
storable USB 3.0 speed
see for and against
small, lightweight aluminum casing dissipates heat well
aluminum little scrubs during insertion compared to other USB3.0 is relatively slow
small, lightweight aluminum casing dissipates heat well
aluminum little scrubs during insertion compared to other USB3.0 is relatively slow
Rapid mass small USB stick that fits into any USB post, where the big crowd.
The minimum size-squeeze everywhere.
Immediately the USB port of paint scratched.
Lightweight, small, fast
Maybe someone will miss the LED, but nothing else.
Price capacity size alone Guys
I was expecting hereinbefore transmission speeds, but at that price it's ok Whereas it is small enough, they could data to him some string (ja, I used the preceding usb), easier to work with him and his mate on the keys used.
speed USB 3.0 magnitude
in use, can be seen scratches at the end
Fleshku I needed to be a little resistant to not have any moving components eyelid and other things that are lost here and I got it for me, enough of USB 3.0 is the perfect one that bothers me is that color but it can survive
Small fast
color with 16 gigabytes
It is a small fast
Flashky sufficient size for work and entertainment at a good price.
16 gigabytes, small - I have not had a problem with any connector, USB 3.0, maybe at least the last two years.
Maybe too small, I have to give her a pendant to her trying to find the bag :-)
Price / speed / quality / design, it's the best bid in the category from 10 to 20 €. Plonk hole on the keys are small enough to sit and dumb.
Nice little handy relatively fast
small hole on guys
trohu slowly
USB 3.0
Only plastic
A good tip on a gift for young girls
It is small
wrong goes into any USB rather slow compared to USB 2.0, but a big difference quickly rubbed !!!!! I sometimes refuses to connect to a computer in USB 3.0
reliable, compact size, an aluminum body, but at the end of a USB key, a soft plastic.
compact dimensions
USB 3.0, with very limited enrollment, up 4.4 megabytes
eye to hang after a while use of ruptured
flop from KINGSTON
Malam hanging on keys
USB 3.0 for extremely low bit rate (USB 2.0 is 2 MB / s faster) top after connecting with your PC ošoupal (about 5 times here she slipped and slid)
Ideal for MacBook Pro ...
The size of a USB connector - on the MacBook is blocking a side slot. Quick USB3
Price? ... Always we want it cheaper :-)
Manufacturing, small stick with a large capacity and speed.
small dimensions speed
slim and sexy
gets a bit warm. OTHERWISE no negatives.
very small profile. non-black color scheme makes it visible in wallet.
gets warm to touch, other wise no negative.
Size-small I almost had crackled into 2 pieces, until I figured out how to put it into the computer
trohu slowly
One chip costs odeěla me, so I needed another.
despite a good performance for the asking price
small, large capacity
not all the declared capacity of around -10%
very fast data reading the small size of the option to hang up keys
Only 58 gigabytes capacity input flashky unprotected