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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition - PS4

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition - PS4


Kingdom Come: Deliverance brings a feeling of national pride and a story that could have happened to one of your ancestors living in the Middle Ages on our territory.

Účastníte se masivních bitev, včetně obléhání hradů

You are involved in massive battles, including the siege of castles.

Procházet budete realistickou středověkou krajinou

Walk through the realistic medieval landscape.

Faithful concept of combat

Faithful concept of combat

Developers have paid great attention to the combat system, even using motion capture technology, so the animation of fencing fights will be truly high. Moreover, the game is also here in the footsteps of almost dogmatic realism.

Medieval without crooks

Medieval without crooks

Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes place in the 15th century and, despite its expectation, it avoids the Hussite revolutionary storms. Nevertheless, it will bring a faithful simulation of a medieval man in which action and struggle for plain life was not a necessity.

Non-linear playing

Non-linear playing

Missions and tasks, which are tens or even hundreds, eventually take place in a non-linear way. So it will only be up to you how you can meet the diverse portfolio of great battles, stealth events, rides and horse races or adventurous elements.

Poznáte krásy středověkých hradů a hradišť

Discover the beauty of medieval castles and castles.

Zajímavý je i systém dynamických vesnických shromáždění a davů

An interesting system of dynamic village assemblies and crowds is also interesting.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Developers will give you a choice of how you want to follow the story. Of the three approaches, for example, a thief who prefers a stealthy approach, a knight who tries to solve the situation with the help of a rough force and bard, who relies on his wit and ability to speak.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition includes extras

  • Treasures of the Past
  • From the Ashes
  • Sir Hans Capon's Amorous Adventures
  • Band of Bastards
  • A Woman's Lot
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Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


Genre RPG


4k support for gaming Without 4K



Text CS , EN , DE , RU , FR , ES , IT
Dubbing EN , DE , ES

PEGI rating

Age limit 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Violence


Platform PS4 - box
Edition Royal Edition

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Not supported
Code:  MSX617
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  4020628746292