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Jupiter and Mars - PS4 VR

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Jupiter and Mars - PS4 VR

Jupiter and mars - PS4 VR

Play as Jupiter and Mars, two dolphins in a futuristic story about mystery, love and sacrifice.

Jupiter and mars - PS4 VR

Take advantage of your partner's ability to get you out of tight spots, break through walls, or open the oyster shells and discover hidden secrets.

Jupiter and mars - PS4 VR

World Transformed by Water

Immerse yourself in the neon landscape in the depths of the sea like a dolphin, with enhanced echolocation capabilities. Solve riddles, search for treasures, meet legendary sea creatures, get rid of the remains of human legacy and bring the faded underwater world back to life.

Jupiter and mars - PS4 VR

World Destroyed by Climate Disaster

The Jupiter and Mars game is set on Earth in the distant future. Everything that the science warned us about has actually happened. The sea levels have risen because of the melting of the polar ice caps and climate changes. As the result, coastal cities have completely sunk. Since the disappearance of the people, the oceans have begun to recover on their own, as corals and other almost extinct creatures have returned to their once prosperous positions.

Jupiter and mars - PS4 VR

Jupiter and Mars

Jupiter is a female dolphin with improved echolocation abilities that allow her to penetrate dark waters, solid objects and the heart of the deepest oceans. She is curious and a problem-solver by nature. Mars is her partner in life, alert and ready for action. During their travels, they meet the Elderly - an ancient and strong race of whales, who ask the agile and intelligent dolphins to help them in their efforts to eliminate the remaining still functioning mechanical heritage of the humans.



Genre Adventure game, Action

PEGI rating

Age limit 3 year(s)


Platform PS4 - box
Edition VR


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


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Code:  MSX465
Warranty: 24 months
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