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JOBY GripTight ONE Mount + GorillaPod Magnetic + remote bluetooth trigger impulse

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JOBY GripTight ONE Mount + GorillaPod Magnetic + remote bluetooth trigger impulse

Share your closest moments, holidays or celebrations. You will not be bored with JOBY. It consists of the JOBY GripTight ONE Mount Adapter, the GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod and the Impulse Bluetooth Remote Controller. All of your experiences will be captured by this three-piece set like never before. Cameras are a thing of the past, your smartphone is all you need.

The Main Benefits of JOBY

  • Minimum dimensions allow you to carry the GorillaPod Magnetic JOBY in your pocket or handbag
  • Designed to hold your mobile phone or camera
  • Joby GripTight ONE Mount adapter for attaching and stabilizing your mobile phone or camera
  • Adapter with universal 1" stainless steel thread for attaching to a tripod or self-stick
  • Rubber washers securely hold the phone at any angle
  • Durable construction to survive everyday wear
  • Bluetooth trigger Impulse with cord for practical attachment, to your mobile phone, keys

JOBY GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod

The JOBY GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod is a handy and tiny helper ideal for travelling.  The tripod holds lightweight cameras and smartphones perfectly. The GorillaPod Magnetic has a quick release plate with a dual safety lock, so it's easy to use. It is equipped with an original flexible articulated structure, which you can adjust it according to the situation. Need a perfect shot? Attach the tripod to a street lamp, a car, a railing or even a tree branch, your pictures will look professional. The individual segments and legs include magnets that allow the tripod to be attached to any metal surface.

JOBY GripTight ONE Mount Adapter

The lightweight and precision adapter for attaching a mobile phone or camera to a tripod is made of high-grade and highly durable ABS plastic. The combination of stainless steel pillars and spring fastenings holds your precious smartphone perfectly secure and you don't even have to worry about scratching. The latching clamps are covered with soft rubber, so your phone and camera are always protected. The JOBY GripTight ONE Mount is designed for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, many other smartphones or a compact camera weighing up to 325g.

Bluetooth Trigger Impulse

The whole set is completed by the Bluetooth trigger Impulse, which is indispensable when taking pictures. It can be easily removed from the Joby GripTight ONE Mount and used separately as a remote control up to 27m away. Easily connect it to both Android and Apple phones using the practical cord it comes with. There is a status LED and a replaceable CR2032 battery.

Additional information for JOBY tripod GorillaPod Magnetic:


Maximum capacity:

150×30mm (in folded state)

Additional information for the JOBY GripTight ONE Mount adapter



For clamping a mobile phone or camera with a minimum width of 54mm, a maximum width of 72mm and a maximum depth of 13mm.

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Colour Black


Tripod type Mini tripod


Max. height 9.1 cm
Transport height 5.6 cm
Max. load 0.33 kg
Weight 0.02 kg
(APP) Tripod thread 1/4"


Material Plastic

Tripod head

Tripod head type Three-Way (3D)

Special features

Special features quick release plate
Code:  JO190a16
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  E61PJB01494
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