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JOBY GripTight Action Kit black/grey/red

€40.80 without VAT

JOBY GripTight Action Kit black/grey/red

GorillaPod tripods will catch your interest with their unconventional design and maximum flexibility of use, which besides standing on a flat and uneven surface, also provides mounting on a branch, traffic sign, handlebars, railings and other places. All this is possible thanks to the patented articulated construction technology. The Action Kit variant is made up of three parts that you can use together or separately - the GorillaPod 500 Action Tripod, the Mobile Phone Clip and the Bluetooth Removable Impulse Trigger. It is suitable for mobile phones with a width from 56 to 91mm or DoPro, Lamax and other cameras up to 500g. The individual leg and end segments are rubberised for maximum stability and adhesion to the surface. GorillaPod tripods are made of high-quality and highly durable material.

Key Features of the GripTight Action Kit Tripod

  • practical tripod with fixed adapter
  • for cell phones or DoPro, Lamax and other cameras up to 500g
  • universal clip for phones
  • the possibility of attaching the Bluetooth Impulse trigger
  • patented Flexible articulated construction of GorillaPod tripods
  • rubber segments and end caps for maximum stability and adhesion to the surface
  • a large number of uses even on uneven terrain, for attaching to handlebars, a branch, etc.
  • quality and highly durable GripTight Action Kit tripod materials

Used material:
stainless steel, ABS plastic

Dimensions in the folded state:
68 × 49 × 240 mm




Maximum capacity:

black, grey, red



Weight 124 g
Max. load capacity 500 g
Maximum length 24 cm


Equipment outdoor camera holder


Tripod type Mini tripod


Max. load 0.5 kg
Weight 0.15 kg
Code:  JO102k1
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  E61PJB01515
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