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Intel Xeon W-2135

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Intel Xeon W-2135

Powerful processor with Skylake chips made by a 14nm manufacturing process. It delivers 6 cores and is designed primarily for servers and computer stations. The problem for him is not even a heavy load and absolute reliability in continuous operation . This Intel Xeon W-2135 6-Core Processor is designed for motherboards equipped with the LGA2066 socket.

Key features of the Intel Xeon W-2135 6-Core Processor

  • The Intel Xeon processor is designed for a high load
  • 14nm manufacturing technology
  • Total 6 cores and L3 cache with a capacity of 8.25 MB
  • DDR4 support at 2600 MHz

14nm processor technology

This technology delivers greater performance with a large number of cores and high capacity LLC. The Xeon W-2135 offers a total of 6 physical cores, and thanks to Hyperthreading, it can handle up to 12 processor threads at a time . The Intel Xeon processor utilized a 14nm process, which, among other things, deserves a very good IPC, that is, an interprocessor communication.

The Xeon W-2135 supports DDR4 with 2600 MHz clocks

On the Intel Xeon with Skylake, each kernel runs at 3.7 GHz with Turbo mode and automatic overclocking up to 4.5 GHz. The 4-channel DDR4 memory controller supports 2600 MHz clocks, and access to data is greatly facilitated by an extremely fast L3 cache of 8.25 MB. The processor kernels on this Xeon will thus have enough time for instant response to all applications.

Intel Turbo Boost 2

This technology overwhelms busy kernels, or turns off unnecessary. The Intel Xeon W-2135 handles overclocking by changing the multiplier. Each kernel has its own multiplier. There may be cases where this Intel processor shuts down two kernels and the remaining two runs each at a different frequency.

Intel's virtualization master

The superior technology used by each Intel Xeon processor provides the ability to combine existing environments with virtual environments.Thanks to it, you can easily run several independent operating systems on one machine. The Xeon W-2135 is very effective in solving problems with software compatibility on newer operating systems.It also includes the latest Intel VT-d virtualization support that adds support for I / O devices in a virtualized environment. There is Intel Enhanced Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology that allows you to reduce power consumption in times when no full power is required.The TDP (Thermal Design Power) stated by the manufacturer is 140 W.



Processor series Intel Xeon
Socket Intel 2066
Processor code name Skylake

Number of cores

Number of processor cores 6 ×
Number of threads 12 ×


Processor frequency 3.7 GHz (3.7 GHz)
Processor frequency 3.6 - 4.0 GHz
Max. frequency (OC) 4.5 GHz (4,500 MHz)

RAM support

Supported memory type DDR4
Maximum number of channels 4 ×

Advanced parameters

Features Automatic Overclocking, Virtualization, For servers, HyperThreading, Without cooler
TDP 140 W
Production technology 14 nm
L3 cache 8.25 MB


CPU Passmark 16,275
Code:  BO537d1b
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  BX80673W2135
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