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Intel Xeon W-2135

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Intel Xeon W-2135

The Intel Xeon W-2135 Skylake is the right choice for PC systems of the most demanding users, who require maximum performance. The chip contains 6 cores running at an impressive clock speed of 3.7 GHz. When the processor has to contend with higher loads, it automatically overclocks to a whopping 4.5 GHz, further boosting the performance. Another key factor is the cache, which in this processor means a large 8.25 MB L3 cache. The processor features 14nm production technology, making it one of the most advanced chips currently available. It is compatible with Intel2066 socket motherboards.

Key Features of the Intel Xeon W-2135 Processor

  • Processor clock speed 3.7 GHz
  • Compatible with Intel 2066 socket
  • Features 6 powerful processor cores
  • Maximum core clock speed 4.5 GHz
  • Performance boost thanks to automatic overclocking
  • Virtualisation included
  • Increased efficiency with HyperThreading
  • Great for servers
  • Maximum TDP of Intel Xeon W-2135 is 140W
  • 8.25 MB L3 cache

What Else Can the Intel Xeon W-2135 Processor Do?

For users who like a hefty dose of performance there is the much lauded Hyper-Threading function, which can split one core between two processor threads (virtual cores) to boost multithreaded processing. This is the so-called parallelisation of computations, improving the processor’s multitasking capability. Another welcome feature is virtualisation, which the Intel Xeon W-2135 processor also supports. Thanks to virtualisation, you can use one physical computer with, for example, Hyper-V software, to run several virtual PCs. This processor is designed to run inserver configurations. This means continuous operation capability, bandwidth for higher memory flows, and support for fast RAM modules.



Processor series Intel Xeon
Socket Intel 2066
Processor code name Skylake

Number of cores

Number of processor cores 6 ×
Number of threads 12 ×


Processor frequency 3.7 GHz (3.7 GHz)
Processor frequency 3.6 - 4.0 GHz
Max. frequency (OC) 4.5 GHz (4,500 MHz)

RAM support

Supported memory type DDR4
Maximum number of channels 4 ×


CPU Passmark 16,275

Advanced parameters

Features Automatic Overclocking, Virtualization, For servers, HyperThreading, Without cooler
TDP 140 W
Production technology 14 nm
L3 cache 8.25 MB
Code:  BO537d1b
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  BX80673W2135
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