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Intel VR (Alloy)

Intel VR (Alloy)

Virtual reality has been reborn in recent years, and Intel certainly does not want to stand in the background. Today's VR helmets have to be connected to the computer with a cable that greatly restricts you in motion or just project a virtual image without any interaction with the environment. Intel therefore introduces the Alloy concept that combines a VR helmet with a built-in computer, a battery and cameras to interact with the real environment on one device .

Key features

  • VR helmet with built-in computer and battery
  • No cables limiting in motion
  • It connects objects from the real world into virtual reality
  • You use your hands directly to manipulate objects

Virtual reality connected to the real world

The basic concept of the Alloy helmet uses a pair of RealSense cameras to capture objects and space orientation. Intel is calling this technology Merged Reality or virtual reality in which objects from the real world around you are projected. This enables a completely new way of controlling and interacting with objects with your hands that are reflected in the image. Intel Alloy's potential and capabilities for gaming or professional use are truly enormous.

Code:  INTVR
Warranty: 24 months
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