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Intel SSD 900p 480GB NVMe PCIe

€540.87 without VAT

Intel SSD 900p 480GB NVMe PCIe

Intel Optane 900p, the fastest SSD

Are you building your computer for the years ahead? in this case, you must use the latest available technology, which is clearly the Intel Optane 900p platform on the SSD. With revolutionary 3D XPoint memories, you will have a 5-fold lead over a competitive solution.

Intel SSD 900p

Optane fits the PCIe 3.0x4 slot

Fast transmission speeds require a special connection method. In the case of Intel Optane 900p, this is an additional card in the PCIe 3.0x4 slot. It is the standard equipment of every quality motherboard.

3D XPoint memories

Forget the old NAND memory chips. Intel is using a completely new type of memory for its new SSD, which it called 3D XPoint. The memory is multiple times faster, it can handle more rewrites and the speed does not fall even when the disk is virtually full.

Intel SSD 900p

Intel SSD 900p

Key features of Intel Optane 900p

  • The fastest SSD on the market
  • High-end storage that is available for the PCIe 3.0x4 slot format
  • It uses totally new 3D XPoint memory
  • 5 year warranty



Use For computers, Internal

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) PCIe
Storage capacity 480 GB (0.48 TB)


Colour Black


Random read speed 550,000 IOPS
Random write speed 500,000 IOPS
Read Speed 2,500 MB/s
Write speed 2,000 MB/s


Maximum power consumption 14 W
Typical power consumption 5 W
Code:  NR111o7e4
Warranty: 60 months
Product Number:  SSDPED1D480GAX1
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