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Installation of PC Components

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Everything works great, took 3 days or so to assemble. Got the PC delivered a week after I ordered.
Good assembly, good cable management.
came to me with broken computer graphics card ..... so nobody's definitely neozkoušel
graphics card in your computer does not false information (no test it) carousel with complaints
I'm glad I took advantage of this service and had advice from a professional. I've been thinking about has finished a report from HP, but that I wanted to win 7 :) and outstanding performance, I chose this option and no regrets. Computer run like clockwork without any problems. I who hesitates between already assembled and Alza Individual and would like to change something definitely recommend to use.
Supermachine Consulting & advice
Assembling lasted a week, but given that it tailored one likes to wait :) Promised game Assasinss creed in the box was not about to pick her up personally Altair :)
I bought a Pc for 52 thousand, and gave to cart this service when I arrived at the branch office pc did not work hard disc .. as if never tried it !!
Slovak for this service is not working. In the description of the product is written (to October 28, 2014): "If you are unsure of selecting the components, order a linen service itself and the technician will notify you by email." Services I put in a basket, pay online and have waited ... I waited at week he has someone will contact you called ... I .... I answer: It does not work like that service. Cancel a copy of a bank statement, a loss of time / I gave a second chance to choose the components which I took to be ok, but it was not I am sure I ved specialist technician order and added services Alza Individual. SMS for 4 days that the computer is centrale. Pýta is to centrale, from what it is ??? Ved perhaps nezlozili ... and what if I want to change components ??? For I am like to advise you, therefore, I have bought the service? !! A: The computer is here if you want to change the course of a complaint ... wtf? Big thanks for assistance in selecting the components!
no advantage, no example
will not call anybody and not do a neobjednavajte as a standalone service no one knows how the services of their own works, and how you order the loss of time to a computer that I can actually created by me and should be hearing some stupid game, but it did not get som
Good cooperation with techni kem when compiling. Since he had to do after receiving complaints, praise and complaints service for the speed of plate and Resources
complaint? How the hell tested? stripped screws inside and out (techniques to complaint enjoyed)
Everything works as it should, you wait an additional HDD installed its own data.
On the order form is nowhere to write special requirements. The assembly was only with SSD, a data disk I wanted to add my own. These willingly performed while you wait for service, but if he was ready position for HDD (cables, attachment) should tachnik fewer problems.
Good cooperation with Mr. technician, I asked for a few changes to the original order and nothing was a problem.
Maybe I expected more rad hard to say how pleased he was a man who knows exactly what he wants.
Absolute dissatisfaction, the computer was already 2x entered into the complaints, it was used during the month was only about 2 weeks tolko or not, ordering was in late August, just today it carries a third time, so neodskusane as it should be, inoperable, in any case, but take this service on your PC piled on peace, had only on grounds of rapid solutions complaints, since they do not introduce it correctly and nezistia defectiveness of goods. If you would have to lay down their home, they are determined vyhovoria on you due to errors / damage of goods and nothing will neuznaju and a este Retrieve cash additionally for detecting faults are when you are not familiar with it.
RESOLUTION fast complaints - about 7 to 10 days
Neotestovanie HW Nesi's already 3 times to complaints are not working from the time of delivery
Thank you. Your PC is delivered without any problems.
good communication is done quickly when selecting components according to the intended use of PC
will do it for you
Good cooperation with the technician, upon the recommendation I had treatment recommended technique. Delivery on time and without problems. Thank you for the good cooperation.
I do not know.
The computer stopped working after 4-5 days
With this service, I spokojenej.Počítač well packaged and high-erected
7 days delivery time, but given the quality of pageantry I recommend everyone what you do not dare themselves to assemble high-leveled pc.Kabely
Exactly as required
Pre-Christmas delivery time was about five days
price / performance super
Ordering Tuesdays, Thursdays skompletovali pieces, sewed on Saturday after a sms from pc can occur vsetko nicely functional computer does not blbmbu so if I need to open it may - as it has Alza big plus but maybe it already had a yak who does ...
higher cost of constructing pc compared to competition on the invoice, the entire pc listed as one item - dislikes it
This service is only for big praise. Everything is alright. Since I have transparent sides, I see inside. There are cables neatly, and everything fitted perfectly. Thank technician at a very good job.
All smooth
I did not get the promised free game + extra pennies for the game World of tanks but given that the entire PC was carefully wrapped I found it embarrassing to watch if the game is packaged :-)
Professional attitude, communication at the result - a great gaming computer :)
PC built with absolute precision. Works great time composition and all work on it - three days Doproručuji anyone who dares to pass the comp itself.
The technician contacted me regarding the changes of time, so I left him to propose some kind else - I will not do it. But besides ugly comp time is perfect.
PC handed over in perfect condition telephone consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced technician possibility of exchanging components during assembly prepar kits for installing custom components
price compared to competitors, but worth it
carefree service warranty for the assembled components and software installation
I do not know
Super service - I could I tell him exactly what bzch from the computer wanted (components and parameters) and I had a technical support on the side of ALZA, to assure that all my wishes and requirements eventually worked together :-) perfect communication in the course of building a PC , reasonable price and even support after delivery!
It takes a little longer to buy a fait accompli ;-)
really useful service and it is especially nice that the assembly can be continuously consulted and employees of the company are "in the picture"
E-mail support quality compilation Although it is not quite on time but nice to Purchase a mozte add / delete products
Yet any :)
-oriented solutions exactly how I wanted, thanks
not yet
Excellent cooperation with the technician - me selected assembly did not work, so recommended a different, much better, and virtually identical price. The report also I bought an extended warranty for a total of 5 years. Great service, which is definitely recommended!
So far, I am fully satisfied, we'll see how they will handle any maintenance issues.
I wanted what I got
Overall satisfaction with the service. After my PC configuration engineer came to me and on his recommendation, we made some changes that moved without a price. Pc is already operating three years without a single problem.
Choice components
extended delivery time for lack of documentation carried involvement
For this technique, I therefore from a sarozhodol happened that after I composed a brand new PC was somehow komponet vadni.A so it now odskusaju and exchanged may not how you search taki ch..j causes.
Test the service 24mesiacov
unresolved noise level of the missing jumper
Amazing service agreement quickly Expert Advisory
None :-)
Breaking the seal does not lose the guarantee on individual components
Technician forgot to secure the graphics card with the screw, so that on the first card carrying the computer fell out of the slot
computer arrived well packaged and intact aji when I walked through the Czech post everything was okay recommend
compilation took a little longer (5 days), but given that everything else is super and I give 5 stars
I was expecting some advice, but he is running as it should.
computer set up, but sw incl. drivers, I had to stretch myself
One really does not need to compose himself.
I have none.