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Installation of PC Components

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Installation of PC Components

Did you choose the components from which you want to build your new PC? Our technicians can fit these components into your chosen case and test everything thoroughly. Should any compatibility problems occur during assembly, which would prevent delivery of a fully functional assembly, our experts will contact you and suggest a solution. You will have your completed computer at home within 5 business days of your order at the latest. Also, because we are sure of the quality of our assemblies, we add a 3 year warranty and many other premium services that you will not get from anywhere else.

Installation of PC Components with Alza

3 years of warranty on all of our PC assemblies

For 3 years, you can rely on free service for hardware and operating system problems. We will replace the malfunctioning components, diagnose and fix your operating system, or reinstall it. We will endeavor to preserve your personal data.

  • We trust the quality of the selected components
  • Free service in case of hardware failure
  • We'll solve problems with the operating system

Guarantee of repair within 10 working days

We care about every day you are without your computer and we will endeavour to make it as short as possible. As part of the PC Assembling Service, we fix the problems without delay and we will do so by the 10th business day after the PC is handed over. If the deadline is not met, we will refund your money or replace the computer as brand new. The repair time is calculated from the date of receipt from the customer until the day the goods are ready for takeover.

  • You will not be without a computer for more than 10 business days
  • We will prioritize the repairs
  • During the warranty period, you do not pay for anything

Easily expand or replace components

We do not only assemble the computer, but also add parts or replace parts. If you want to upgrade your memory or disk, you do not have to carry your computer anywhere, since with just a little bit of know-how, you can do it yourself. If you do not know exactly how to upgrade your computer, call us or write to us and we'll advise you how to do it. We trust you and so you will not lose the warranty.

  • Replacing components does not invalidate the warranty
  • You can do the expansion at home
  • We'll advise you how to do it

Assembly of components and uncompromising level of testing

The computer is tested in stress programs in the Windows 10 environment before it is sent to the customer. We test at least 12 hours of the processor, graphics, memory and motherboards. We also test USB and audio outputs.

  • Before submitting, we test each assembly with the most demanding applications
  • 12 hours of stress testing of all components and connectors
  • We use professional 3DMark and PC Mark 8

Discussion with Professionals

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our technicians. They will answer all your questions directly through the product discussion portal on our site. You can ask anything - hardware, software and games are not no problem for us.

  • In the PC component assembly discussion, the technicians who are compiling the computers, answer the questions directly
  • We answer all questions
  • We can also help with selecting other components

Apart from the assembly of computer components, we are also happy to help with their selection. You can also use our PC Report Configurator. Learn more about assembling a PC from Alza. If you would like to build it yourself, we have prepared a detailed article on how to build a PC .

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