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This is the intelligent home control Immax NEO

Introducing the Immax NEO, which lets you control lighting, home alarms, cameras or door locks remotely through a smartphone, tablet or computer. With just a few clicks, you will brighten your home with all your favorite colours and create the right environment for every moment of your life. In addition, your home will be safe and you will have absolute insight into what is happening in your home without your presence.

Brain Immax NEO system

Immax NEO SMART BRIDGE + ALARM is the brain and headquarters of the entire Immax NEO system. It allows you to use all functions of your smart home without restriction.

The system is based on proven ZigBee technology, which is the most advanced solution in the smart home. It is designed to be able to interconnect all home electronics devices in one easy-to-use complex.

Colored 8.5W LED Bulbs and LED Strip

In the set you will receive 2 smart 8.5W LED coloured E27 bulbs and Immax Neo LED coloured tape. Bulbs shine warm white and colour, flicker or dim light. Immax Neo RGB + CCT LED strip will enhance the true atmosphere of your home. The tape is also compatible with Philips HUE and the artificial intelligence of Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Control your Immax NEO on your own

You can control your smart home:

Download Immax NEO, scan the QR code that connects to your Immax NEO SMART BRIDGE + ALARM and you'll see all the features and products you can easily control.

You are the Lord of Light!

Luminaires and incandescent lamps, Immax NEO tapes can be operated without the SMART BRIDGE using the remote control. However, you only need to be satisfied with basic functions such as turning on / off, dimming or changing colours.

But for the lord of the light it is little!

With Smart Bridge, you can control all the available functions of your smart lighting - varying light intensity, thermal colour, colour tones, or time lighting modes in different parts of the home. Another 4-in-1 sensor benefit lets you control temperature, humidity and luminance levels based on the light level - not just in your presence.

Peace of mind begins at home

Immax NEO SMART BRIDGE + ALARM makes your home safe. Lock the door with one click, set the alarm or pull the blinds. You have complete insight into what is happening in your home for hundreds of kilometers away. Whenever someone enters you during your absence, the system will inform you immediately. The system can also include a Smart Home camera that allows you to view and record real-life images of your property.

Introducing Immax NEO app

Our app is precisely for the needs of your home and to control everyday routines.



Supported OS Android , iOS
Compatibility Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Power supply Network
Application language Czech

Number of devices

Max. device number 50


Connection ZigBee


Expandability Open system
Area of use Lighting, Security, Home control

Equipment and features

Equipment and functions Compatible with Tuya app
Code:  IMMX19018s2
Warranty: 24 months