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Bellissima Imetec 5057 Face Cleansing

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Bellissima Imetec 5057 Face Cleansing

With this vibrating tool from an Italian manufacturer, the cleansing of your skin will be fun and easy. You can remove make-up, do a peeling and also have a pleasant massage. A unique system of sonic vibrations with a special adapter provides professional results after just one use!

5 attachments

The device consists of a set of attachments for different uses, including brush for normal and extra sensitive skin. An extension with latex surface is designed to gently massage your skin and also apply cosmetics. Smooth skin is achieved using a moderately stiff brush for scrubbing and there is also a micro-massage attachment. Massage can help general feeling of satisfaction and well-being but is also great if you have a muscle fever, muscle strain, blood circulation disorders and symptoms of fatigue.

For every skin type

The tool is suitable all skin types and ages. Use it for example on the face, neck or chest. It is effective even after a quick 1-minute treatment. It is suitable to be used with different cosmetic products, like creams, foams or any oil products. Its ergonomic and compact design looks stylish and ensures great ease of use.


Deep cleansing
Activation of the skin

Sonic vibrations
For deep cleansing of the skin and its activation
Professional results in the comfort of home
The results of the very first use
For every type of skin at any age
Ideal for use on the face, neck and chest
Quick treatment (a mere one minute for deep cleansing)
It removes make-up, etc.
Perfect for all cosmetics (foam, oil, creams)
Waterproof design

5 different attachments:
Brush for normal skin
Brush for extra sensitive skin
Extension with latex surface for gentle massage and application of cosmetics
Medium hard brush to scrub
Extension for micro-massage

2AA batteries

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Type Brush


Use Skin cleansing, Massage


Type Sonic
Code:  EAD6051a
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  8007403050573
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