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The iGET SECURITY M4 wireless alarm system will provide excellent protection for any apartment, house, office, cottage, or garage. Thanks to the wireless connection to all detector elements, the installation is very simple. The system communicates with a router via WiFi, and you can use the Internet connection to monitor the situation through IP cameras, either remotely or switch on the electric appliances with controlled sockets using a preset timer. Once an alarm occurs, the system informs you through an app on your mobile phone. If the WiFi connection or power supply fails, the iGET SECURITY M4 will send a text message and switch to the backup battery, which can keep it running for up to 8 hours.

Key Features of the iGET SECURITY M4 Alarm System

  • Internet communication via WiFi or Ethernet + GSM network for alarm text messages
  • The system controls IP cameras, switch-controlled 230V sockets, and more than 20 accessory types
  • Connect up to 300 wireless accessories up to 80m away (up to 200m for select devices)
  • Features a mobile app for controlling and monitoring the system from smart devices (Android and iOS)
  • Activate and deactivate alarm via key rings, keypad, RFID key, or mobile phone applications
  • Anti-sabotage protection and secret alarm signal in case of attack

Additional information:

1 × M4 - Central security unit
1 × M3P13v2 - wireless touch keyboard with RFID reader. Battery life up to 6 months, adapter included
1 × M3P1 - wireless motion PIR detector, battery life up to 2 years
1 × M3P4 - wireless magnetic door/window sensor, battery life up to 2 years
1 × M3P5 - remote control (key ring), for quick activation and deactivation of the alarm
2 × M3P22 - RFID key that works with M3P13v2 wireless keypad, to quickly activate and deactivate the alarm
2 × power adapter for M4 alarm and M3P13v2 keypad
1 × detailed user Manual in Czech, Slovak, English, Polish, and Hungarian

Optional accessories:
iGET SECURITY M3P1 - Wireless Motion PIR Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P4 - Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P5 - Remote Control (Keychain)
iGET SECURITY M3P6 - Wireless Gas Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P7 - Wireless SOS Button
iGET SECURITY M3P9 - Wireless Water Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P10 - Wireless Vibration Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P11 - Outdoor Siren
iGET SECURITY M3P13v2 - External Wireless Keyboard with RFID Reader
iGET SECURITY M3P14 - Wireless Smoke Detector
iGET SECURITY M3P15 - Wireless Rotating IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P15v2 - Wireless Rotating IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P16 - Wireless Controlled Socket 230V
iGET SECURITY M3P17 - Wireless Motion Detector PIR Without Animal Detection
iGET SECURITY M3P18 - Wireless Outdoor IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P18v2 - Wireless Outdoor IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P19 - Wireless Detector CO (Carbon Monoxide)
iGET SECURITY M3P20 - Wireless Internal IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P20v2 - Wireless Internal IP HD Camera
iGET SECURITY M3P21 - Wireless Magnetic Door/Iron Door Detector

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Connection GSM , WiFi


Supported OS Android , iOS
Power supply Network
Application language Czech , English , Slovak , Hungarian


Use inner
Rotation No
Night vision No
Function motion detection, PIR sensor

Inputs and outputs

Interfaces Power Jack, WiFi


Expandability Open system
Area of use Security

Detection Type

Detection Type for doors and windows , motion


Signal Volume 100 dB

Number of devices

Max. device number 300
Code:  NU148
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  M4