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Domestic alarm iGET SECURITY M2B

This compact wireless security GSM alarm is the ideal choice for security of an apartment, office, garage, workshop, home, cottage or business. Everyone can easily use the alarm. You do not have to pay for a specialised company to install it. Wireless technology does not require any drilling or wiring, just place wireless sensors inside or outside the facility within 80m. In case of a unauthorised entry of the monitored object, the event will be signaled by SMS or voice calls to pre-set numbers. When leaving, simply activate the system with the key-ring remote control, much like the central locking of a car.

A complete set for house security

The set includes a master controller, a wireless PIR sensor for room motion monitoring, a wireless magnetic door opening detector, a 110dB siren and three remote controls. The system can be expanded to include other movement PIR sensors, door sensors, smoke sensors, gas detection or outdoor siren and others. Connect up to 7 wired and 99 wireless sensors to the central unit. With wireless sensor technology you do not have to pull through any cables, drill holes for them, and so on. Each sensor is connected to the central unit by means of encoding, which sets the alarm. Pairing other sensors with the alarm is quick and easy. All communications of wireless sensors and keyfobs are encrypted, so communication is secured against potential attacks.

Main features of iGET SECURITY M2B

  • Connect up to 7 wired and 99 wireless sensors.
  • Clear blue backlit LCD display.
  • The central unit informs you of the status of the display, SMS, and call.
  • Set up to three time groups for activating and deactivating the alarm.
  • Set up to 6 phone numbers to call from the alarm.
  • Set up to 3 phone numbers to which the alarm sends alarm messages and the alarm status.
  • The alarm includes a loudspeaker and a microphone, so the user can call the alarm.
  • Possibility of activation/deactivation/monitoring/intercom to the alarm via SMS message.
  • Alarm options: SOS, Fire, Gas leakage, Door, Hall, Window, Room 1, Room 2.
  • Different setting options for individual zones of alarm: current, delay, bypass.
  • The central unit includes a backup battery for up to 4 hours of operation (it informs you about the disconnection/connection of power from the network via SMS).

Domovní alarm iGET SECURITY M2B

Package contents

  • 1 x central GSM security unit.
  • 3 x remote control - key ring, for quick activation and deactivation of the alarm.
  • 1 x wireless magnetic sensor for securing doors or windows.
  • 1 × wireless motion PIR sensor.
  • 1 × internal siren with a volume of 110dB.
  • 1 x power adapter for the central unit.
  • 1 × detailed user manual.
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Connection GSM


Power supply Network


Use inner
Rotation No
Function motion detection, PIR sensor, built-in microphone


Width 180 mm
Height 140 mm
Depth 28 mm


Expandability Closed system
Area of use Security

Detection Type

Detection Type for doors and windows , motion


Signal Volume 110 dB

Number of devices

Max. device number 99
Code:  NU100b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  75020100
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