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HP Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials CZ OEM - Only with HP ProLiant

€300.38 without VAT

HP Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials CZ OEM - Only with HP ProLiant

The partnership between Microsoft and HP has created a powerful operating system for HP ProLiant servers. Windows Server 2016 is characterized by higher resilience and enhanced performance and it will help improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization. The system facilitates the integration of hybrid cloud services and manages maximum load even when deploying new technologies. From a security point of view, it provides multi-tier security through, among other things, Windows Server Container and Hyper-V containers. 

Key Features of the HP MS Windows Server 2016 Operating System

  • System created directly for HP ProLiant servers
  • Multi-layer security
  • Up to 25 users and 50 devices
  • Windows Containers carries all application data n the container
  • Support for two-processor servers

Solves traffic problems

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Newly segmented editions

The Windows Server 2016 operating system now comes in 3 different editions to meet your needs without stretching your budget. The Essentials edition is designed primarily for small businesses and their networks with up to 25 users. The Standard version of Windows Server 2016 is a good foundation for all corporate networks. Compared to the lower version, the license also includes licenses for the operation of 2 virtual systems. The premium Datacenter version will excel in large corporations and companies are serious about virtualization. It includes licenses for the operation of unlimited virtual machines.



Basic parameters

Designation For businesses
SW type MS Windows Server


License type Physical license


Device type PC
Operating system Windows


Method of licensing OEM license
Number of devices 25
Number of PC/MACs 25
Use Commercial use
License type Physical license
Portability of license No
Geographical limitations of activation Only in the EU

Language version

Language Version CZ
Code:  TH799z9g
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  871141-221
Links: Manufacturer's Website: