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HOYA ND 1000X PROND 72mm

€73.53 without VAT

HOYA ND 1000X PROND 72mm

Improve your photography with the HOYA ND 1000X PROND 72mm ND filter. The filter's main advantage is that it reduces the amount of light that ends up on the camera’s sensor, allowing you to use a longer shutter speed. It also smooths out moving objects, such as flowing water. Another great feature of ND filters is that you can use a wider aperture for a striking depth of field effect. The HOYA ND 1000X PROND 72mm ND Filter features a 72 mm filter diameter, so you can fit it on all lenses of the same diameter. The ND factor of 1000 indicates a transmittance of 0.1%, so you can set up an exposure a thousand times longer.

HOYA ND 1000X PROND 72mm ND Filter Key Features

  • Allows longer exposure times
  • Creates a striking motion blur effect when taking pictures of flowing water, people, or lights
  • Compatible with lenses that can fit a 72 mm filter diameter
  • Light transmittance 0,1 %, ND factor 1000
  • Excellent optical properties courtesy to HOYA


Filter type

Filter type Neutral filter


Filter diameter 72 mm

Optical density

Optical density 3
ND factor ND 1,000
Permeability 0.1 %
Code:  HO031a16
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ND100072PRO
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